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(ELF) European League of Football All-Stars Announced for 2023

The European League of Football has announced both All-Star Teams for 2023. While half of the votes were publicly voted, the other half was decided by all head coaches of the ELF.

These are your All-Stars:



QB: Jadrian Clark (RHF)

RB: Dawid Brzozowski (WPA)

FB: Patrick Poetsch (RHF)

WR: Markell Castle (MUC), Anthony Mahoungou (RHF), Tony Tate (WPA)

TE: Florian Bierbaumer (VIK)

OT: Sven Breidenbach (RHF), Aleksandar Milanovic (VIK)

OG: Leander Wiegand (RHF), Nick Wiens (RHF)

C: Joachim Christensen (RHF)


EDGE: Kyle Kitchens (BTH), Niklas Gustav (RAI)

DT: Evans Yeboah (HSD), Jason Chikere (RHF)

LB: AJ Wentland (WPA), Dauson Dales (PAR), Lucky Ogbevoen (RAI)

CB: Maceo Beard (HVG), Jamalcolm Liggins (FGY)

S: Omari Williams (RHF), Luke Glenna (BDR)

Special Teams

K: Ryan Rimmler (FGY)

P: Nils Jonkmans (HVG)

R: Devan Burrell (MIL)



QB: Chad Jeffries (MUC)

RB: Glen Toonga (RHF)

FB: Leon Helm (FGY)

WR: Louis Geyer (SRG), Yannick Mayr (SRG), Harlan Kwofie (RHF)

TE: Adria Botella Moreno (PAR)

OT: Luca Jokiel (SRG), Arnoud Holierhoek (RHF)

OG: Daniel Fankhauser (RAI), Lewis Thomas (MIL)

C: Matthew Daltrey (VIK)


EDGE: Alejandro Fernandez (RHF), Jan-Phillip Bombek (HSD)

DT: Tim Hänni (HVG), Aslan Zetterberg (SRG)

LB: Sasan Jelvani (SRG), Wael Nasri (FGY), Zachary Blair (CCE)

CB: Ken Hike Jr. (HVG), Mitch Fettig (SRG)

S: Exavier Edwards (VIK), Goran Zec (SRG)

Special Teams

K: Jakub Aldas (WPA)

P: Hendrik Schwarz (FGY)

R: Marvin Rutsch (MUC)

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