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XFL Team Presidents Talk, Schedule, Game Day, Mini-Camps, More

Following the XFL names and logo announcement last week, the XFL team presidents were out and about in their local markets capitalizing on the new interested in the XFL. There were multiple radio, podcast, and TV interviews. Within those interviews, they dropped some interesting news tidbits. We break them down for you.

XFL Tampa Bay Vipers team President Josh Bullock was on the NBC News Channel 8 Daytime.

  • The naming process of the Tampa Bay Vipers was in the process long before he was hired.
  • An outside consulting firm was uses as well as local Tampa Bay staff and XFL staff in Stamford Connecticut.
  • Marc Trestman was a coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 
  • The live games will be family-friendly.
  • The schedule will be announced in September to go along with ticket sales.

Bullock also appeared on Fox 13 in Tampa Bay

“Version 1.0 is a distant memory. Version 2.0 is centered around good football, community engagement, putting fans above all.”

XFL New York Guardians Team President Janet Duch appeared on Schwartz on Sports podcast.

  • The name reflects “a city of people who are always on duty.”
  • There is a countdown clock to kickoff in Stamford Connecticut.
  • She said season tickets would go on sale in Mid September. 
  • Bring fans closer to the game with different experiences, whether it’s content or fan access. Want to engage with youth and high school players.
  • Family of four at a game would be affordable. Ticket prices are not launched yet but will be quite affordable. 

XFL St. Louis BattleHawks Team President Kurt Hunzeker appeared on Bernie Miklasz show on 101 ESPN Radio.

  • Hunzeker has been asking fans what they want to see at a game. Ideas from a bouncy house for kids to a zip line in the dome fans have requested.
  • Talks about fans who were burned by the NFL twice.
  • Fans want bands at games. They are thinking about having High School marching bands at home games to play.
  • Nothing in the XFL feels like a start-up.
  • XFL draft will be in mid-October with 70 rounds.
  • St Louis will have a mini-camp after Thanksgiving.
  • A family of four can go to a game for $100.
  • Vince McMahon has not been hands-on since Oliver Luck took over.
  • Montra of the league is “Fans Above All.”
  • XFL doesn’t stand for anything. “It is the peoples league.”
  • In St Louis, an emphasis will be on tailgating for fans. “tailgating is essential to the football experience.”
  • St Louis is in first place in XFL merchandise sales “by a lot.”
  • End of October could be the rollout of secondary logos and uniforms.
  • Fans figured out the Up-Side-Down STL quicker than they anticipated. 
  • If you want to hear an in-depth interview with an XFL team president, this is a good one.

XFL Seattle Dragons Team President Ryan Gustafson appeared on Schooled with John Clayton on 710 ESPN.

  • Local agencies, national agencies, and WWE helped with the XFL names and logos
  • The Dragons name is the story Seattle fans will write.
  • Season ticket deposits now are to hold you place in line for when the season ticket packages roll out in September.
  • Want to build a 100-year brand.
  • More Tier 1 QB’s will sign in the next several weeks.
  • League is in the process of finalizing the rule book.
  • Team mini-camps will begin on December 1st.

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  1. ManOnTheMoon

    September 6, 2019 at 10:28 am

    last night we attended the Roughneck happy hour in Houston. I was able to meet the entire coaching staff. Great group!

    Interesting rule change was announced: extra points can only be earned by running or passing.. no kicking allowed. 1 extra point if played from the 1 yard line. 2 extra points if played from the 5. 3 extra points if played from the 10.

    They don’t have a location for the Championship game yet.

    They did pass out the official xfl schedule with dates… just not who is playing.

    There were also quite a few hopefuls who wanted to play for the Rouggnecks. These kids all making face time with the coaches and have NFL and CFL experience.

    • The Mark

      September 6, 2019 at 2:17 pm

      Very cool. Next time you go to one let us know.

  2. Jason Farmer II

    September 7, 2019 at 2:52 pm

    I love what the XFL is doing and what they have planned, really holding up on their end about the ” fan experience “

  3. David Tress

    September 15, 2019 at 1:42 pm

    Hopefully the XFL makes it through the first new season. If they wind up in difficulty like the AAF, then they should consider merging with the CFL and keep the show going. They also need players like Tim Tebow and Johnny Manziel to attract more people to the stands.

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