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DC Fans Are Prime For A Title, This Time With The Defenders

Washington, D.C is starting to become an actual sports’ town. With the recent success of the Capitals and the World Series win by the Nationals, it would be only fitting that the DC Defenders bring home the 2020 XFL Championship to Audi Field.

Just imagine for a second…

February 9, 2020 – The Defenders take the field to a sold-out crowd and an extremely curious national television audience. Vince McMahon is on-site to take in the action. To the crowd’s delight, this game starts and ends with fireworks.

Cardale Jones makes a strong case that he is the best professional quarterback in DC by passing for five TD’s and running for another two. The defense gives up some points, but in the end, it is General Jones’s dive into the end zone that preserves a 53-51 win over a tough Seattle team. DC fans, sick of enduring the pathetic Redskins take notice. Ticket sales spike over the next week.

If this specific scenario were to happen, and it definitely could, the fans around DC would be very likely to jump on the Defenders’ battleship. Audi Field could end up being the place to be in late winter and spring, and with fan interest, an insurmountable home-field advantage could be created in a stadium made for soccer.

So yes, it takes great players, a unique system, and solid personnel decisions to win titles, but have you ever seen a championship team without championship fans? Not often.

Winning and a rabid fanbase go hand in hand, that is obvious. But, the situation in DC is a bit different. This city is starving for a football team to support. Any sense of excitement or hope that is provided by the Defenders in the first two games could provide the base for blooming groups of fans sprouting up all over the metro area.

The Defenders have a talented group of players that could have the makings of an XFL championship, and the city of DC is begging for a football team to demand their attention. Could this be a dream combination? Either way, strap in and get ready for an interesting ride.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Nickey R in black leather

    November 9, 2019 at 3:51 pm

    Redskins=Cleveland Rams
    Defenders=Cleveland Browns 1.0

    In other words, whoever was the owner of the Rams back in the 1940’s was not very popular with the people of Cleveland to the point that they would start showing their support for their new AAFC team even though they hadn’t debuted yet! And the owner of the Rams was a BETTER owner than Snyder, and he STILL had to relocate the Rams to L.A. after just winning the NFL Championship!

    Wouldn’t it be something if the XFL survives long enough for a couple of XFL teams to jump to the NFL? If the Defenders are one of them, they might be able to cause the Redskins to relocate! It is a longshot, but it would be awesome if it happened!

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