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XFL Targeting NFL Rookies With $100,000 Bonuses

According to an exclusive report by Darren Rovell on the Action Network. The XFL could offer 2019 NFL rookies bonuses worth up to $100,000 to lure them away from the NFL.

All this has taken place during a presentation made by the XFL to NFL agents during the NFL Combine on Thursday night.

Some notes from the Meeting;

  • XFL can offer high-profile players commitment bonuses if they are willing to give up playing in the 2019 NFL season
  • XFL is willing to spend money to induce first-year players to skip the 2019 NFL season to prepare for the XFL.
  • The league could target fringe players, who aren’t drafted and are being offered small free agent signing bonuses.
  • The league could also offer higher bonuses to players cut in preseason camp or at the final cutdown.
  • XFL wants its franchise quarterbacks locked in for its eight teams before the NFL season
  • Players will be offered up to three-year contracts
  • XFL players can negotiate outs in their contracts to play on an NFL team
  • The XFL will have a roster of 45 players. With four salary levels.

Tier I Player: 1 slot per team (most of the time will be a QB). Will make at least $250,000 per season.
Tier II Player: 3 slots per team
Tier III Player: 23 slots per team
Tier IV Player: 18 slots per team

Player contracts and talent scouting are coming into place for the XFL. Stay with XFL News Hub for the latest player news as it happens.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dastrodomus Prime

    February 13, 2020 at 4:31 am

    if u want to win and play football the game with coaches trying to make you better The XFL is the place For u tailor your style for the team come give suggestions this is a team sport 1 man does not make a team work contribute and it’s y’all’s team

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