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Two XFL Front Office Staff Leave Ahead Of 2023 Season Build Up

There have been some XFL front office personnel moves as we head towards the kickoff of the 2023 season. Two hired people since the XFL 3.0 era has left the league.

Chief Business Officer Jordan Schlachter and Senior Vice President Of Ticketing Lisa Feigenbaum have recently left the XFL.

According to Ben Fisher of the Sports Business Journal, Schlachter left early in July, and Feigenbaum left for a position with the Philadelphia Flyers and Wells Fargo Center.

Fisher says, “Feigenbaum told me the Philadelphia opportunity was too good to pass up, and she wishes the XFL “nothing but the best.””

Schlachter, who was part of the XFL 2.0, was one of the few people around during and after the XFL Bankruptcy. He worked alongside former XFL President and Chief Operating Officer Jeffrey Pollack. Pollack parted ways with the XFL in October 2021.

“The XFL declined to comment, but sources said Schlachter will not be replaced in the CBO role. Chief Marketing & Content Officer Janet Duch will assume his oversight of merchandise, and his sponsorship duties go to President Russ Brandon. The SVP/ticketing role has been posted on job boards, and the league is expecting to name a ticketing partner next week.”

If there’s smoke, there is a fire, or is this much to do about nothing. In the XFL 2.0, we don’t remember anyone leaving before the launch. But these are different times, and other people are involved. Something to keep an eye on over the following months as we head to kick off in February 2023.

With the big announcement of cities and venues this Sunday, player contact details are coming Monday night, and an event in Dallas Monday morning. News about the XFL will be coming in fast. We also hear more XFL Front Office announcements on the way next week.

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