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Did XFL Drop Subtle Hint of Former Team Colors Returning?

Last night the XFL held their very first town hall in Arlington, Texas, where they announced their eight teams’ city locations and the stadiums they would be playing in, in the 2023 season. After the official city announcement, they assigned each coaching staff to a particular city.

We do not know each team’s names, logos, or branding, but the XFL possibly dropped some hints on social media and their website when they released the announcement.

Arlington – Bob Stoops – Light Blue

The XFL not only has teased possibly the return of specific teams from the 2020 season but even put the primary color of those locations behind each head coach. First up, we have the Arlington team, where Bob Stoops again will coach, this time as the Arlington team instead of the former Dallas team. the head coach; as we can see behind him, shows a very light blue shade which is very close to the Dallas Renegades’ primary color. Could the XFL keep specific teams’ identities heading into the 2023 season?

Here are the remaining seven city and coach graphics, each with a primary color behind their photo.

St. Louis – Anthony Becht – Blue 

This primary color is similar to the Battlehawks blue from the 2020 season. The St. Louis fan base is eager to see if the Battlehawks name sake will return in 2023 so they can Kaw-Kaw to the stadium to cheer one of the most popular teams from the 2020 season. Could this be a subtle hint that the Battlehawk’s name and color scheme are returning or just a smoke screen, possibly like the others?

San Antonio – Hines Ward – Yellow 

Surprisingly enough, this color of yellow very much represents Hines Ward and the most famous NFL team he was part of for thirteen years, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Does this most likely be a brand new team and color scheme, and could this be something that Hines Ward himself put his two cents into with the suggestion of this being a new franchise, or is it just an odd coincidence? Either way, it is assumed we will get a brand new team name and color scheme for the San Antonio franchise.

Seattle – Jim Haslett – Green

Like the Seattle team in 2020, the bright green represents the team that could quickly return in the 2023 season; The Seattle Dragons. The color does match the green from the colors from the Dragon, which could get some hope to Seattle fans all alike that the Dragons could return in the 2023 season.

Washington D.C. – Reggie Barlow – Red

In 2020 Washington D.C. grew a fan base that would be like no other fan base with the famous beer snake and, of course, the Red and White shield logo that made them defend D.C. at all costs. Could this be another hint toward the Defenders returning to their natural form in 2023? We know the team will be playing at their home at Audi Stadium to bring out all those rowdy fans hoping to see the Defenders return.

Las Vegas – Rod Woodson – Light Red 

Many are already saying the light red color behind Woodson is similar to the LA Wildcats’ red, but it was a way the darker tone of red, and their primary color was orange. It could be like San Antonio and be a brand new team coming to Las Vegas that will not represent any previous teams like the New York and Los Angeles, who are np longer part of the eight teams in the XFL 3.0.

Orlando – Terrell Buckley – Bright Green

When the Tampa Bay Vipers played in 2020, we can see in the comparison that they wore the bright green with pride. In 2020 the report went out that the Vipers would be moving to Orlando in the 2021 season due to attendance concerns. It could be a move for the Vipers rather than a new identity altogether. It could be a good possibility if team names are returning to some teams that the Vipers name sake could return in their new home in Orlando, Florida.

Houston – Wade Phillips – Dark Blue

The dark blue color looks identical to the Roughnecks in Houston during the 2020 season. However, the famous dark blue also has been part of Wade Philips’s coaching history for years; Broncos, Cowboys, and Texans all represented that dark blue color throughout their color scheme. Could this be the return of the roughneck franchise or another team taking a color from their head coach’s past?

With all eight teams having these subtle hints at possibly a color scheme for each XFL team and possible hope for fans that their team could be returning, it remains on what precisely each team’s identity will be. Still, the league seems to have given us a slight hint last night about what the future holds for each group.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adrian Livar

    July 27, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    🎊Welcome to San Antonio Mr. Ward! 🎉. As a San Antonio native and Pittsburgh Steelers fan since 79 I’m ecstatic! Thank you XFL for bringing a team and Coach Ward, along with the color yellow to San Antonio. 👋👋👋👋👍🙏

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