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Cardale Jones Talks To TMZ Sports, Wants Back In The XFL

Former DC Defenders QB Cardale Jones recently talked to TMZ Sports about his future plans. He says he is not retired and is looking for another shot in the XFL.

When asked about the XFL, the former Ohio State QB said.

“Just a few things that have been announced as some personnel guys and just from a couple of people I know that’s going to be involved when it comes to the front office…. they’re pushing a kind of a combinish thing July, June. But who’s to say NFL will come calling before that?”

Jones then talks about working with someone like the Rock.

“He has a great business mind and a great entrepreneur. Definitely from my lifespan… I see him transition to being pretty much the most famous person in the world when he was with the WWE at the time.. then watching his transition to being a businessman and a movie star. It’s kind of cool sitting back and watching and being a fan of his over the years.

And now to see him have the XFL. And I know great things are going to come because it was already such a great platform when the McMahon family had it this past last.

So clearly not just me, but everyone is expecting big things.”

He was asked if he still wanted to play and said.

“XFL, NFL, whatever it may be, if the opportunity is there, I’m definitely going to take advantage of it.”

Jones came out the gate in the XFL with two straight games of over 200-yards passing and two touchdowns. But he began to fizzle in games 3 and 4 and was benched by game 5 when Tyree Jackson took over. Jackson is now playing TE for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Jones was coached by former DC Defenders head coach and current Houston Texans QB Coach Pep Hamilton. There was talk within the Defenders organization that Jackson was their guy and wanted him to start the rest of the season over Jones. The XFL 2.0 era was cut short due to the pandemic.

Jone’s infamously tweeted he went to see the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. After that, his play dropped off the cliff. Some XFL fans called it the Sonic curse.

Jones will have plenty of opportunities with the XFL and USFL if he chooses. I would be surprised if one of the leagues did not bring him in. I am also surprised TMZ didn’t ask him specifically about the USFL. TMZ and the USFL are both owned by Fox.

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