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Big Game USA Creators Of The XFL Football Giveaway

If you are a super fan of the XFL and also a fan of Reddit, you may want to get in on this contest. Big Game USA, the makers of the Offical XFL Footballs, is giving away a bunch of prizes to XFL fans.

Big Game USA has graciously provided some amazing goodies for our first subreddit giveaway. As was just announced, there will be two prototype XFL game balls used in the development of the final product by Big Game USA, one leather X-pebble wallet, one set of X-pebble leather coasters, and 8 team branded headbands.

We will have multiple separate drawings for these prizes. The grand prize pool will consist of the two footballs, the wallet and the coasters.

You may enter this pool ONCE and will be eligible for ONE of the four prizes, meaning one of the footballs, the wallet, or the coasters. The next pools will be for the headbands.

Below, please indicate ONE single XFL team for their headband you would prefer to win. You may only enter ONE team and will only be eligible to win that team’s headband.

All usernames will be chosen at random. We will not allow any alternate accounts and you are not eligible to enter more than once. You are allowed to enter both the grand prize pool and the headband pool. Winners will be drawn WEDNESDAY, 6/10. Good Luck!

You must have a reddit account to win. Enter the contest here.

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