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Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch Talks USFL & Help From The NFL

Variety’s Brian Steinburg posted several tweets from today’s Fox earnings call. Fox and the return of the USFL were talked about, including the league getting some help from the NFL.

We already know Chief Executive Officer and Executive Producer of FOX Sports Eric Shanks relationship with the NFL and Roger Goodell. They have worked together for years, so it is no surprise there were conversations between the two leagues. The USFL is building its league from the ground up. Why not talk to the most significant player on the planet.

“Fox CEO Murdoch: NFL has helped Fox’ think through’ structure and rules of play for USFL. ‘We control the digital rights.'”

Murdoch also talks about outside investors being involved in the new USFL.

“Fox CEO Murdoch: Outside investors in league have ‘effectively underwritten’ league for next two or three years. Co. is ‘ambitious but disciplined’ on its investment in USFL.”

One of the main reasons beyond good TV ratings for the channel is the companies interest in its FOX Bet app and gambling dollars.

“Fox CEO Murdoch: Sports betting seen as a way of increasing monetization of viewing of sports on Fox properties. Betting ‘will make them more engaged with us'”

“Fox CEO Murdoch: Sports wagering ad revenue ‘is our leading category of growth’ at local stations and is ‘significantly driving the revenue’ in markets where betting is legal.”

One of the reasons the eight teams in the USFL were selected is whether there is legal gambling in those states. This was stated before by Fox executives.

We have two months to go before the kick-off of the USFL 2.0 era. The USFL is set to kick-off on April 16th when the New Jersey Generals take on the Birmingham Stallions. The USFL will hold it’s ‘player selection meeting’ February 22nd-23rd, with training camps set to open March 21st.

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