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XFL vs NFL- Similarities & Difference

All football fans are quite familiar with the terms XFL and NFL. These are two of the major and most prominent American football leagues.

You may be curious to know the similarities and differences between these two top-notch football leagues. Well, today, we are going to cover these for you.

In this article, we are going to look at the similarities and differences between these two famous football leagues of America. We will touch upon the rules of the game, the salaries of coaches and players, and discuss the betting for each league.

Rules of the Game

When it comes to the rules of the game, both leagues have some similarities and differences. Let’s first discuss the similarities between the two.


● The positions in both leagues are similar. It means both leagues have the same number of players and positions of defense and offense.

● The four downs used to move the ball rule are also similar in both leagues.

● A yard field is used in both XFL and NFL. It implies that both of these premier football leagues have similar field sizes.


The first significant difference between these two leagues is the running clock. To make the game more smooth and efficient, XFL does not stop the clock, except when there is a two-minute warning or timeout. However, this is not the case with the NFL.

In addition to this, in XFL, you would not find any sort of kicked extra points. But teams get kicked extra points after a touchdown in the NFL.

Along with that, another major difference between both leagues is timeouts. In the XFL, each team gets only two timeouts per half; however, if we talk about the NFL, teams get a total of three timeouts in each half.

In the NFL, coaches can make a challenge, but in the XFL, coaches do not possess this kind of ability.

Another main difference between XFL and NFL is regarding the forward passes. In XFL, there is a chance for the teams to carry out two forward passes. However, in each NFL play, only one forward pass can be made by the teams.

Along with these major differences in the rules of the game of both these leagues, there are certain variations in other rules as well. These may include differences in kickoffs, overtime penalties, overtime format, punting, and catches.


The salaries in each league greatly vary.

Salaries of Coaches:

The salaries of coaches in XFL are less if compared with the NFL. Every season, on average, a coach in the XFL can earn up to $500,000.

But, in the NFL, a coach can make an average of $6,000,000 every season. It certainly indicates how huge the gap between these two leagues is.

With that, it’s expected that in the forthcoming time, this gap will shrink as XFL continues to grow.

Salaries of Players

There’s also a massive difference in the paychecks of players of both leagues.

You will be surprised to know that in the XFL, players are only able to make around $55,000 each season. It’s an extremely small amount, especially when compared to the earnings of NFL players.

In the NFL, on average, a player manages to make $2,700,000. It shows that an NFL player can make 50 times more money than an XFL player.

Betting For Each League

It’s undoubtedly an important section for all those involved in sports betting.

While talking about the scoring implications, the scores are not that higher in NFL games. In addition to this, you will also witness a difference in the announcers of each league.

In NFL, the announcers do not discuss the over/under and the spread of the game. But, it takes place in XFL.

Also, XFL does not have a lot of teams. They only have eight teams, whereas the NFL comprises around 32 teams.

Other differences in terms of betting in both of the leagues are available information and kickoff and punt rules.

Final Thoughts

Overall, both the leagues are considered to be of top quality. You get to witness a remarkable performance by top-rated teams competing against one another. In addition to this, both the leagues offer you a lot in terms of betting as well.

I hope you got the information you needed. If you are interested in reading on such topics, make sure to explore our other exciting articles as well. 

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