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XFL Stars Involved in Online Gambling

The XFL was founded in 2018, and as one of the youngest leagues in American football, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity and fame. XFL is made of eight teams that compete for the main title from February to April. There are ten games that are a part of the regular season and an additional four played in the playoffs. And during this time some of the best American football players show their amazing skills on the field.

However, it’s not only the audience and the bettors that are watching these amazing players do their magic. Recently major sports betting companies announced that they were interested in sponsoring the XFL league. What is more, the XFL welcomed the idea with open hands.

Of course, all XFL players saw this as an opportunity to attract many new sponsors, so we are seeing players performing better than usual. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest stars of the XFL league that are most likely to become sponsored by online gambling and betting companies at some time in the future. Also, we’ll see which one of them already managed to get involved with this profitable industry and in which way.

P. J. Walker

One of the greatest names of the XFL league, P.J. Walker also played for NFL’s Carolina Panthers. Born in 1995, this young athlete started his career in XFL in 2020, when he was signed by Houston Roughnecks. In his very first game that the Roughnecks played against Wildcats, P.J. Walker scored four touchdowns. After this, he became the league’s very first Star of the Week due to his amazing play. After only five weeks, Walker already had 15 touchdowns and over 1,300 passing yards.

This player’s amazing skills haven’t been left unnoticed by some of the leading sportsbooks on the gambling market. Both DraftKings and FanDuel tweeted about his amazing skills in the field. And even though nothing has been confirmed so far, one can only suspect that both of these sportsbooks have their eyes on the young XFL star, which could result in potential sponsorships.

Cam Phillips

Betting fans are very much familiar with the name Cam Phillips. Those fans who like to check over online casinos in Canada have heard about him since he currently plays as the wide receiver with Toronto Argonauts in CFL. However, in 2020, he played for Houston Roughnecks after being drafted in the sixth round in 2019. In his first game, he managed to score a touchdown that secured the team’s victory over the Wildcats. In his second week, he managed to score three touchdowns which resulted in him being named the Star of the Week. But Phillips was only getting started, Another three touchdowns were made by Phillips in the third week of the regular season, which granted him another Star of the Week title.

Just like his teammate P.J.Walker, this young player was also noticed by DraftKings, who tweeted about his extraordinary touchdown abilities. Whether or not this is a sign of a potential sponsorship by one of the leaders from the sports betting and online gambling industry, remains to be seen.

Josh Johnson

Josh Johnson’s career has been a rather adventurous one. He has played as a quarterback for several teams in the NFL like the Jets, the Buccaneers, the Ravens, and others. He started playing in the XFL after being drafted in 2019 for the Los Angeles Wildcats. However, this veteran athlete wanted to try out something completely different. He co-founded an Esports media company called Ultimate Gaming League. The main goal of this company is to increase diversity in the world of gaming.

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