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XFL: Online Betting and Odds

Fans of football will be thrilled to learn of the first season of the XFL. After a short 2020 XFL season of just five games, this league announced plans for a full 2022 season, offering fans and bettors another way to enjoy the game and place real money wagers. This league was initially introduced back in 2001, but was a failed attempt to rival the NFL. Owned by Vince McMahon, this football league was designed to provide sports entertainment with thrills like pro-wrestling.

While the first attempt to get this league off the ground was not successful, XFL football returns and now provides some amazing betting odds and options for sports enthusiasts. With another football league available, sportsbooks can offer another betting opportunity with great odds. The added rules and unique concepts added to XFL games make this a perfect option for those that like a wide variety of betting opportunities.

Types of XFL Wagers

When you sign up at a top-rated sportsbook offering XFL lines, you will find a variety of wagering options that can yield some impressive payouts. Just like wagering on NFL games, there are different bets with various odds for every game that is played. If you are seeking a new way to enjoy football wagering action, the lines and odds featured for XFL games may be a great choice.

As a new bettor, you can learn all about the types of bets offered right here. You will also find top bookmakers to provide betting tutorials that offer more information on the types of wagers offered. While you will be able to place a variety of traditional wagers on games, there is also an in-house app called PLayXFL. With this, you can win cash prizes by predicting the exact score of any weekly XFL game!

If you prefer to stay with traditional styles of betting, you will find that the best-operating sportsbooks will provide some great bets as well as competitive odds.

XFL Moneylines

This is the simplest wager offered. With this, you will simply bet on what team you believe will win. Let’s say the Seattle Dragons are listed as a favorite at -150. To win $100, you will have to bet $150. If the underdogs are Tampa Bay Vipers at +175, a bet of $100 will yield a $175 payout.


These bets provide a great way to earn some impressive returns. The spread listed will represent how many points one team can win or lose by. They are designed o that bookmakers receive an even amount of bets on each side. If the game is between the Los Angeles Wildcats and NY Guardians and there is a +/-4 spread, the team you choose would have to win by more than 4 points or lose by less than 4.


This is also called over/under wagering and a sportsbook will offer an expected number of points that will be scored by both teams playing a game. If the site sets a total at 45 points on a game between York Guardians and DC Defenders, you will bet on whether the game score will be over or under that amount.

Other XFL Bets

While these are the most common wagers, you will find many other types of XFL bets being supported at top sportsbooks. Each site will have different sports betting odds, so you will want to take some time to compare them before choosing where to wager. Some other types of wagers you can find offered include Proposition and Futures.

Prop bets are exciting and they provide an opportunity to wager on just about anything that could happen during a game. Some popular bets include total passing yards, first team to score, distance of longest pass, how many interceptions, or even who wins a coin toss.

Futures are wagers that involve any event in the future and these can be on a specific player or an entire team. You may bet on whether quarterback Matt McGloin will be MVP or who will win a championship title.

Online XFL Wagering

When you are ready to begin betting on the upcoming 2022 season, you will want to find a reliable and trusted site. With online sports betting being so popular, many casino sites offer the ability to use the same account for casino gaming and instant sports wagering.

Finding the best site can take time, but you will want to watch for those with the fastest withdrawal process. We can look for reviews of most trusted sites operating online and you will find web-based instant play online casinos that accept XFL wagers. By playing at the fastest payout online casino, you can quickly collect payouts earned from wagers. This allows you to cash in on successful wagers and remove profits from an account or use them to place additional wagers.

We all missed an opportunity to bet on the XFL 2020 championship. With the announcement of an exciting 2022 season, you can expect leading sites to offer amazing odds and exciting lines. You will even find live wagering options as well as mobile access, so you never miss any football action.

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