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XFL for Dummies: 4 Things Fans Must Know About America’s Minor Football League

For years, the staple body that organizes professional football leagues has been the NFL. However, the autonomy went on for a while before the introduction of a rival competition, the XFL. So what is the XFL? The XFL is a professional American football league based on the traditional rules of the NFL but with a few tweaks. It is designed to appeal to a wide audience and provide an alternative to the established NFL.

In this post, we’ll look at the XFL and focus on four things every newbie should know about the league. Apart from being a fan, as a sports bettor, you should know that besides looking for Super Bowl info and the odds for NFL matches, you can also wager on XFL games and win real money.

Here are some important things fans must know about America’s minor football league:

Rules of the Game

The XFL is America’s minor professional football league, and its rules are slightly different from those of the traditional NFL. Players must wear protective helms, and flags must be worn on each hip. The main differences lie in the number of team members and the ball size. In the XFL, there can be eight players per team instead of eleven players in the NFL, and the ball is larger with eight panels instead of four.

Each game is divided into four quarters, and each lasts 15 minutes. But the clock stops during the play rather than running continually, like in the NFL. There is also no kicking point; the opponent who did not score the touchdown gets possession of the ball at the start of the next drive.

Additionally, the XFL has different overtime rules. The punting rules are also different, as there is no scrimmage kick formation in the XFL, and the ball is kicked from wherever it was snapped.

Onside kicks are allowed, but only if the kicking team is behind by 17 or more points. Celebrations are also much more relaxed as players can celebrate touchdowns even by dancing on the field while maintaining sportsmanship.


Regarding schedule, the XFL offers both a regular season and playoffs. The regular season starts in February and lasts for ten weeks. During this time, every team plays two games per week on Saturday and Sunday. The regular season culminates with all teams having played each other once and serves as the seeding process for the playoffs.

Once the regular season concludes, the four teams with the best records move on to the playoffs, which consist of two semi-final games and a championship game. The two semi-finalists from each conference face off in a winner-takes-all match-up. The winners of these two games then advance to the championship game, and the league champion is crowned.

Themed Games

Themed games are another unique feature offered by the XFL. Each team will have one themed game every season where they will integrate specific themes into their uniforms and stadium atmosphere. These themes can be anything from honoring veterans to celebrating a city’s culture.

This creative twist to the traditional football experience adds an element of fun for fans attending these games. Additionally, these themed games often help promote social causes and community outreach. Through these games, the league is committed to providing exciting football and creating a positive impact in the local community. Punters are also permitted to wager on the favorites to win these games.

City-Based Teams

XFL also has city-based teams, unlike the usual named teams found in other football leagues. Usually, XFL teams are based in various towns and cities across the US. This allows fans of all regions to connect to their home teams, thereby allowing a deeper bond between teams and their fans. Another plus side is the local outreach and marketing opportunities this strategy gives the teams.


The XFL has, over time, tried to replicate the success of the NFL. While it hasn’t quite reached the height set by football’s premier competition yet, it is expected that with better planning, and the current innovative rules and structures in place, the league should be able to attain its set goals and become hugely successful.

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