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Why the UK Offers the Best Betting Apps

Sports betting generates the British government an estimated three billion pounds every year according to research firm, Statista. This revenue has been climbing consistently in the past couple of years, even amid COVID-19.

Last year, in particular, online sports betting companies recorded a 28% increase in their annual income. Interestingly, a majority of sports punters in Britain prefer to wager through mobile apps rather than PC websites. Here’s why.

High Regulatory Standards

Britain has some of the toughest online gambling regulations. The rules are designed to protect its citizens from fraudulent operators. First, applicants need to apply for a license. During this process, they must pay application fees and prove their identities.

After that, the UK Gambling Commission vets the applicants to ensure they are free of crime and that they’re experienced enough to run a betting app competently. Additionally, the regulator demands a list of standards investors need to uphold before they create their betting apps.

For example, every betting app needs to be safe and secure. It should run smoothly and display crucial terms and conditions. In other words, British betting apps are safe. And for that reason, people have confidence using them to bet.

A Full Range of Betting Markets

Name anything you would want to bet on—the royals, politics, the weather, football, eSports. There’s always a British betting app ready to help you place a bet. Some bookies even allow you to wager on when the world will end.

All you need is to determine what you want to bet on and find the right bookmaker for you. The best betting app, of course, needs to provide a variety of betting markets. It should support all the popular sports, from football and rugby to basketball and boxing.

In addition to a variety of sports, the best British apps also provide an array of bet types. You can bet on match winners, totals, correct scores, accumulators, over/under, futures and handicaps.

This great variety of betting options gives British gamblers limitless ways to make money. They’re not limited to a few sports and leagues. And neither do they have to predict match winners alone. They can wager less popular bet types for a chance to win more money.

Free Bets and Bonuses

We’ll admit—British bookies are in love with bonuses. Almost every betting app has a bonus promotion. In all fairness, a lot of betting websites around the world have similar offers. So, what makes UK betting bonuses better?

For starters, they don’t always follow the standard format. Most bonuses match your money 100% for a maximum of up to $1000. You can find these offers in the UK. However, the most intriguing rewards give you $20, $30, or $50 when you deposit $10.

Essentially, most bonuses at the best UK betting apps double, triple or even quadruple your deposit amount. Another benefit is that they come with unbelievably friendly terms and conditions.

Around the world, it’s not unusual to find bonuses with 20x, 30x or 40x wagering requirements. In the UK, many sports betting bonuses have 1x, 2x or 10x wagering requirements. The result: cashing out your bonus winnings is easy.

With that in mind, always take time when choosing betting offers. No two sportsbooks have the same bonus offer. Even if the amounts look similar, the terms and conditions tend to differ. Pick bonuses with the best terms.

Quick, Safe Banking

There are countries where betting online is risky. You’re never certain what will happen to your money after you make a deposit. Luckily. British betting apps are different. As we mentioned earlier, the UK Gambling Commission licenses only qualified operators.

On the other hand, it has standards regarding the payment companies betting apps work with. Betting websites are required to support only licensed and regulated financial companies: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Skrill and banks, to name a few.

Bitcoin often gets a pass even though it’s unregulated. However, a majority of payment methods at betting apps need licenses to operate. That said, regulation isn’t the only important that matters in sports betting.

If you’re like many sports punters, you appreciate fast-paying betting sites. During deposits, you want to deposit quickly so that you can bet immediately. During withdrawals, you want to receive your money quickly before you get tempted to gambled it away.

The best UK betting apps process both deposits and withdrawals on the same day. What’s more, they provide flexible limits: low minimum deposits and withdrawals and high maximum deposits and withdrawals.

Innovative Features

British betting apps are some of the most innovative companies in the world. They are responsible for some ground-changing innovations in the sports betting industry. Below are some of them:

  • In-Play Betting

In-play betting brings a new meaning to sports gambling. You place your bets while games are in action. There’s not time to research. You watch a game, on one hand. And make betting decisions on the other. In-play betting is exciting but it also risky—you have to rely on the action on the pitch and not in-depth research.

  • Live Streaming

At the best betting apps in the UK, you can stream your favorite sports matches free of charge. The only requirement is to be an active customer. If you’re a newbie, you also need to place at least one bet. After that, you can watch plenty of games for free.

  • Back and Lay Betting

Lay betting originated in the UK thanks to Betfair. It allows you to bet on a team to lose. Usually, people place bets placing teams to win. On Betfair, you can bet against fellow gamblers.

If someone believes a team will win but you believe otherwise, you can place a lay bet. If you’re a correct, you win the money your opponent spent on their back bet. Lay betting is particularly popular among punter that love matched betting. It helps them lock profits regardless of which team wins.


Britain is home to some of the best betting sites in the world. They are safe, easy to use and packed with betting markets. What’s more, they shower punters with generous bonuses and also allow them to stream games.

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