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Why Do We Believe in the Success of XFL?

American soccer has gained enormous popularity in the last decade. And it is not surprising, because in the age of the Internet borders are crumbling and people from different parts of the world can join this contact and incredibly tactical sport, including through betting in online bookmakers. Thus, 22Bet offers a wide line of bets on XFL, as well as fast payouts and good odds.

But let’s still understand why XFLr is so popular?

The XFL Has a Tactic 

The founders try to invest in all aspects, both the equipment and the place to play.XFL teams are located in five of the seven major media markets in the United States. All eight teams in the new league are playing in cities with a minimum population of 2.9 million (the lower bound being St. Louis). 

The XFL Has Money

The XFL has a lot of money. It’s no secret that Vince McManus put his league together with the proceeds from WWE fights. Then Forbes wrote that McManus was willing to spend $500 million on his soccer league over the first three seasons. And why not, if he can afford it and sees the prospects for his venture.

The XFL Has Solid Leadership

Oliver Luck is the father of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. Oliver Luck himself also played pro and spent five seasons with the Houston Oilers.

But that’s not what’s important right now. What’s important is that Oliver Luck was executive vice president of the NCAA before joining the XFL, and was also president of the league/project NFL Europe and director of the athletic department at West Virginia University.

Second, Oliver Luck was one of the managers involved in launching the Houston Texans into the NFL in 2002.

Third, Luck was the first president and general manager of a team from Houston to the MLS. This may be the most important point.

The XFL Has Players

In total there are 416 players in the XFL, 52 for each of the eight teams. Those are a lot of names to sort through, and there will be plenty you may not recognize. But there are some who had mild success in the NFL or starred for their college football teams. 

A few recognizable names include Cardale Jones, who led the Buckeyes to a national championship after injuries to starting quarterbacks. Josh Johnson is a savvy NFL quarterback who has signed with 13 teams. Matt McGloin, Connor Cook, and Aaron Murray all played for prominent college soccer teams and all had success.

Quinton Flowers is an interesting player, as he is listed on the team’s official roster as QB/RB. He played QB at South Florida before moving to RB trying to make the NFL roster. Brogan Roebuck is not well known for his play on the field, but he was a featured player on HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

Separately, Antonio Callaway was a fourth-round pick in 2018, but various off-field issues led to his release from the Browns. Sammy Coates and Eli Rogers are former Steelers receivers. Keenan Reynolds is a former Navy quarterback who once finished fifth in the Heisman voting.

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