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Who are the sportsbook’s favourites for the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is the most-watched event in the United States. It’s a major day for advertising and gambling, drawing millions of dollars to the NFL. This year it’s going to commence on 13 Feb 2023. This is the fifty-seventh anniversary of the Super Bowl. The sports betting industry is exciting, with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs set to face off in this year’s championship game.

As the game approaches, sportsbooks have released their odds and predictions on who they believe will come out on top. Philadelphia Eagles have registered the most wins in the season, with 14 wins in 17 games. On the other hand, Kansas City was not far behind, with 13 wins in 17 games. The Chiefs were the leaders of the American Football Conference, while the Eagles were the winners of the National Football Conference.

After the Super Bowl teams were confirmed, the sportsbook started taking bets for the final. Fans have been going crazy on what appears to be the best game of the season. Considering all this, a number of sportsbooks have started taking bets of small amounts with a deposit from just $5. Fans are making full use of this and putting their money on the line for the team, and everything related to the Super Bowl.

Kansas City

Kansas City has got great consistency so far as their appearance in the Super Bowl is concerned. They have now qualified for three Super Bowls out of the last four. They won once against the 49ers in 2020 and lost once against the Buccaneers in 2021. So the Super Bowl is not a new site for the Chiefs.

The chiefs have a great attacking team with Quarterback Patrick Mahomes leading the way. This team contains one of the finest tight ends in all of football in Travis Kelce. Chief’s defence could have been better, but they have done a pretty good job. Jones has led their defence with full commitment and devotion.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles, who outclassed almost every team in the season, have made it to the Superbowl without a sweat. They defeated the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game by 34-7, which not many had expected. They won the Super Bowl only once in 2018 and were declining as they failed to qualify for the playoffs for five seasons. The Eagles have looked unstoppable this season with the likes of Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith, and A.J. Brown.

SportsBook Prediction

Sportsbooks have taken a very slight liking to the Philadelphia Eagles over the Kansas City Chiefs, as they consider the Eagles as the favorites to win the Super Bowl. Additionally, there is a general consensus among many that the team from Philly are going in as the favorites and the Chiefs should be considered to be the underdogs. However, we should remember how the Chiefs have been over the course of the season and what they have managed to achieve over the last couple of years.

One of the reasons many like the Eagles, though, is due to the consistent and ruthless performances that they continue to display. As a result, many are predicting that this season‘s MVP would also be from the NFC organization, with Hurts being widely tipped.

Final Thoughts

Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs have displayed great football this season. Their players have made sure to take their team to the grand stage. Kansas City will know that they are not the favorites to win, but still, they can never be considered nobodies. Nonetheless, we can expect to see a number of bets be placed on the upcoming Super Bowl and only time will tell us who will end up as the next champion!

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