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What is XFL: rules and betting explained

The XFL is a professional American football league. The season consists of eight teams divided into East and West divisions. The seasons run from February to April, with each team playing in a 10-game regular season, with four advancing to the playoffs to become the season’s winner. Initially connected to the NFL rules, the league introduced a new set of regulations in 2020 for all XFL teams. We will show you the overview of XFL rules and provide valuable sports betting tips to enhance your betting experience.

XFL Rules Overview

The XFL rules serve to uphold three fundamental principles:

  • ensuring the safety of life and health of players and other participants in the game;
  • maintaining the competitive sporting spirit of the game;
  • guaranteeing the game’s balance and equality of the opposing teams. 

Like other football leagues in the USA, XFL cooperates with online sports betting brands to increase the audience and global reach. Attractive XFL rules help the association to achieve its main objectives.


The XFL stated from the outset that no game would last longer than three hours. Here’s how they plan to achieve this:

  • The play clock is always set to 25 seconds. The referees, in most cases, have time to put the ball for the next rally in 7 seconds, so there is absolutely no reason to delay the time further.
  • In a 2-minute offense (i.e., during the last two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters), the clock will stop after each play and restart after the referees have placed the ball, with 5 seconds deducted from the running clock. The exceptions are missed passes and out-of-bounds ball carriers, where the clock will start on the snap without additional write-offs.
  • Outside of a 2-minute offense, the game clock will not stop after a missed pass. The same goes for a player with the ball out of bounds.
  • Each team is given two timeouts per half.
  • The coach could initiate a review of the controversial rally with no red flags. At the same time, all rallies are reviewed by a specially appointed referee who can correct any possible errors made by the referees on the field.
  • Another designated referee will be solely responsible for preparing and placing the ball for the next rally.
  • The big break (between the 2nd and 3rd quarters) lasts 10 minutes.


The kick-off sets at the 30-yard line of the kicking team. However, members of the kicking team (excluding the kicker) line up at the receiving team’s 35-yard line, and blockers on the receiving team must line up on its 30-meter line. Only the kicker or returner may move until he catches the ball or three seconds after it has touched the ground.

After scoring a touchdown, a team may choose to attempt an extra one, two, or three points. To do this, they must achieve a touchdown from the 2-yard mark (1 point), 5-yard mark (2 points), or 10-yard mark (3 points). In this sense, the XFL repeats the flag football, where the cost of realization depends on the distance.


The XFL does not allow shooters. All punting team players must remain on the line of scrimmage or behind it until kicking the ball. The coffin corner of the punt was treated as a touchback and brought to the 35-yard line. Efforts to neutralize “punt” coverage should encourage more “fourth down” conversions. The same touchback rules for the kick-off apply to punts.


Defensive penalties result in the ball moving to the 1-yard line. In contrast, any subsequent defensive penalty on any play, even in future rounds, results in points awarded to the attacking team. In addition, offensive pre-snap penalties result in the ball being passed according to the standard regulation, while offense post-snap penalties result in a loss of down and no score. 

If both teams remain tied after five rounds, they continue playing multiple rounds until one of the teams is triumphant, ensuring no game can end in a tie. Extra time is determined by a five-round penalty shoot-out with two-point conversions, as in a soccer or ice hockey penalty shoot-out.

How to bet on the XFL

XFL betting involves the basic skills and knowledge you will need to predict matches successfully. You need to know all the factors that affect XFL odds and use the best sports betting tips to expect a positive outcome. However, many unforeseen situations occur during each game, leading to drastically different results.

Spread Bets

The Point Spread strategy is based on a handicap, which is set on one team, with the aim that both teams have equal chances in the eyes of the bettors. Point Spread is becoming more and more popular every year. The reason is that this way of betting does not have fixed odds (it mainly consists of two numbers, for example:

  • Houston Roughnecks: +7.50
  • LA Wildcats: -7.50.

Moneyline Bets

A Moneyline bet is one in which you choose who will win the match. You don’t need to predict other aspects of the game. Just pick the winner between the Dallas Renegades and the New York Guardians. Most beginners choose this type of bet because it seems the simplest, and you may bet using various popular payment methods. Moneyline bets are the field of XFL wagering where you may get really significant winnings, and, therefore, it’s important to choose a reliable way of withdrawal. Most of them have gone through a thorough check and have been implemented on a PaySafe Casino from the list of the top-tier online gambling platforms which provide fast deposit payments and instant cashing out.

Total Bets

Another trendy and straightforward type of bet – you place a bet on the total number of something (for example, the number of points of both teams in the match), and you bet that this number will be higher or lower than the prediction of the bookmaker and on many other options.

Prop Bets & Special Wagers

These names refer to a wide variety of bets, which do not have an exact definition. You can set them to anything related to a sporting event. These online bets are not tied to the match’s outcome, although they may be. Serious bettors avoid them because such chances rely more on luck than sports knowledge. Still, if you want some kind of variety and uncommon gambling experience you are welcome to check the reviewed websites on LeafletCasino prepared by our top specialists for you to find the best paying online casino platform.

Parlay Bets

Parlay is a positive progression system and is excellent for beginners since it does not require a large bank and the risk is relatively small. The essence of this betting type is that all profits are reinvested, i.e., the winnings from one bet serve as the stake for another, then the winnings from that second act as the stake for the third, and so on.


The XFL also has its game application service called PlayXFL, where fans can win cash prizes for correctly predicting the exact score of selected XFL games each week. In addition, fans attending an XFL game may enter a 4-Question Choice Contest related to the game they are participating in to receive prizes, including merchandise and tickets, from their respective home team. Being well-informed by our article now you know much about the rules, the bettings systems, and you are ready to benefit from the possibility to earn some extra money and to enjoy your favorite games at the same time.

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