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USFL: Everything You Need To Know About The New Football League

American football fans all over the world are excited at the prospect of a new football league. For many years, football fans have been hoping for a league that’ll fill the big hole the NFL leaves during spring and with the financial backing of the USFL, it feels like the answers to their yearnings is finally here.

Since it was announced in June 2021, the United States Football League has gained immense popularity in the US and other football-loving nations. So if you enjoy watching football or are simply a fan of football betting, where you enjoy betting on NFL draft odds and live matches, get yourself ready, the USFL is offering that and more.

This article will tell you all you need to know about the new football league already in town. We’ll cover the history, schedule, venues, and team information you need to get started.


This is not the first time a new league has been proposed. In 2020 the XFL was launched for the second time, 19 years after its failed debut. However, weeks into the new XFL, the world was hit by a pandemic, and the XFL season was abandoned, prompting the company to file for bankruptcy.

The following year, the USFL was announced and set for an April 16th launch. This is the second attempt at the USFL after the first ended in a publicized fashion.

After years of the first USFL struggling to find success, it sued the NFL for an illegal monopoly of television broadcasting rights. The case garnered much public attention and was taken to trial in April 1986. USFL won the case, and the jury stated that the USFL was indeed affected by the NFL’s TV rights monopoly but that most of its woes resulted from poor management.

The league was awarded a total of $3.76. This verdict became the league’s downfall as the organizers hoped to secure a huge settlement that would help finance them. The 1986 season was suspended, and after years of trying to open up the league, it was finally dissolved in 1990.

When Does It Start?

The New Jersey Generals game against the Birmingham Stallions will be played on April 16th 2022, marking the beginning of the new USFL era.

Tickets for the games are already on sale, and it has been confirmed that CBS and Fox will be broadcasting the match live. This will be the first time since 1967 that a US sporting event will be aired on rival broadcasting networks. The USFL is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that everyone can watch.

How Many Teams Will Be Participating, And What Is The League’s Format?

The USFL first edition will see eight teams compete for the trophy. These teams will be divided into two groups of four, the north and the south. Each team will have a ten-game schedule and play teams in the same group twice and in the other group once.

The top two teams of each group will play themselves in the semi-finals, and the winners will face off in the final championship game set for a week after the semi-finals.

What Are The Teams Participating?

As stated earlier, eight teams will be participating in the inaugural season of the USFL. The confirmed teams for the South Division are the Houston Gamblers, Tampa Bay Bandits, Birmingham Stallions, and New Orleans Breakers.

The Northern Division will be represented by the New Jersey Generals, Michigan Panthers, Pittsburgh Maulers, and Philadelphia Stars.

These eight teams held a player selection meeting on Feb 22-23, 2022, and training camps were opened on March 21st. Each team has already announced their 38-man active roster with an extra seven men for the practice squad. Base compensation and eligibility for victory bonuses have already been offered to these players. The USFL drafts were held on February 23rd. You can check out the complete draft here.

Regular Season, Schedule And Venues

The USFL will be unique in that all its 43 games will be played in Birmingham, Alabama. Games will be held at the newly built Protection Stadium with a 41,600 seating capacity and the iconic Legion Field with a seating capacity of 71,574.

Post Season Schedule And Venues

The Tom Benson Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio, will host the post-season playoff games. The final and semi-final championship games will be held on July 3rd and June 25th respectively.

Final Notes

The fight for a decent league that’ll supplement the NFL has been going on for years. The USFL has decided to step up to the challenge again, and with kick-off set for April 16th, we can only hope for a hitch-free and successful tournament.

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The new USFL league will have its inaugural game on April 16th. Here is everything you need to know about the latest American football league.

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