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U.S. States with the Most NFL Fans

The thrill of NFL football unites fans in exciting games and remarkable moments. Fan and consumer behaviors also transform during the football season, especially when purchasing goodies to enjoy the game. Thus, there is also a noticeable rise in consumer activity at football stadiums and sports bars as NFL fans gather weekly to watch games.

Not only this, but during NFL season, the sport becomes one of the most, if not the most, popular sport to bet on across the whole of the US. You can find a list of the most popular states for legal sports betting in the US, which coincidentally is also the US states with the most NFL fans.

Amidst these nationwide consumer shifts during football season, curiosity arose regarding the geographical distribution of football fans and where these trends manifest most prominently. Thus, we have identified the U.S. States with the most NFL fans using consumer foot traffic at football-related venues and events. They include the following:


Football runs deep in Alabama, especially with legendary college teams like the Crimson Tide. This strong college football culture naturally translates into an extensive NFL fan base, with people cheering for different pro teams.


Minnesota loves its football, especially with the Minnesota Vikings. The team’s history adds to the state’s passion for the NFL, creating a thriving community of football fans.

Washington, D.C.

The capital city is home to the Washington Commanders, a team with passionate local supporters and a long history. This combination attracts a large number of NFL fans to the D.C. area.


Thanks to the Baltimore Ravens’ success, Marylanders take great pride in their NFL fandom. The team’s achievements create a strong sense of unity and loyalty among fans in the state.


The state has a dedicated fan base. Cities like Nashville especially embrace football culture, adding to the significant following of NFL fans.

South Carolina

South Carolina’s NFL fan base gets a boost from nearby teams like the Carolina Panthers. There’s a strong sense of regional pride and love for football as a cherished American tradition.


Georgia, where the Atlanta Falcons call home, has a vast NFL fan base and a strong love for football. But it’s not just about the Falcons; teams like the Georgia Bulldogs in college football add to the state’s sports legacy.


Football is a big deal in Nebraska, especially with the University of Nebraska’s Cornhuskers in college football. This love for the game naturally extends to supporting NFL teams, making for a sizable fan base in the state.

What About South Dakota?

Even though North Dakota doesn’t have its own NFL team, it surprises many with its number of NFL fans. Communities here come together on game days, watching teams from nearby states as a group.

For example, experts at conducted an analysis using Google Trends data to evaluate each state’s search activity for terms like “NFL” over the last year. Based on this analysis, South Dakota holds the sixth position, showing the most interest in searching for “NFL.” However, its enthusiasm for the draft and combine is lower, falling short of its neighboring state’s overall enthusiasm for the NFL.

North Dakota boasts a rich tradition in college football but has never hosted an NFL franchise. If football enthusiasts from the state wish to support the nearest team, they must choose between the Minnesota Vikings, Kansas City Chiefs, or Denver Broncos. Nevertheless, despite the absence of a local team, fans in the state avidly search for the league, draft, and combine, surpassing other regions’ curiosity.


Although many Americans enjoy football, these top states stand out for having the most significant number of NFL football fans in the country. These states likely witness some of the busiest foot traffic at football stadiums, sports merchandise shops, sports bars, and other venues. Thus, whether it’s the lively football scene in North Dakota or the devoted fans packing stadiums in Minnesota, NFL football clearly brings people together, demonstrating how the happiness and unity found in supporting a team extend beyond state boundaries.

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