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Three ways the USFL could be more entertaining than NFL

The USFL, or United States Football League originally existed back in the 1980s. The plan was to create a new league that would challenge the NFL, but as we all know it failed. However, the USFL is now making a comeback, and there is every chance you might be able to bet on the games – tap visit site right here for details. This is scheduled to kick off at some point in 2022, with the logistics still being worked out by the relative authorities.

It’s an exciting time for football fans, but could the USFL really compete with the NFL? Let’s find out.

Different, but positive USFL factors

This will be the third attempt to launch a separate, private American football league alongside the NFL. It has failed twice to date, however, the 2022 edition could well be the one to break the mold. Here’s why:

Abbreviated season

Let’s be honest, the NFL season can be pretty long. Although yes, die-hard fans do tune in to watch the games each week, those who aren’t 100% invested tend to grow tired of so many games. This is also true for other leagues like the NBA and MLB. But the planned 2022 USFL league will last for just 10 weeks, meaning that fans only need to tune in for 10 weeks to catch all of the action. With the season being more compact, there could well be more games within a shorter time span.

Fewer teams

The NFL consists of 32 teams spread across the USA. Now, that’s a lot of teams! The 2022 USFL, however, will have just 8 teams, so the action is much more concentrated than the NFL. In our opinion, fewer teams will help the fans to develop a more personal connection with each club, and this might make the league appear more inclusive. With fewer teams, you are likely to develop some immediate rivalries between certain teams too, which should keep the new USFL league nice and spicy.

Each team will likely be run by individuals/partnerships too, avoiding all of the complex legal issues that go on with the NFL.

Large investments from TV networks

To date, it is reported that FOX has invested between $150 and $200 million into the USFL league. Part of this investment has come through setting up broadcasting partnerships with each individual team, which already shows that things are moving in the right direction. In addition to this, FOX is attempting to attract another $250 million from outside investments to help the league get off the ground. Again, those kinds of numbers show that the new USFL is a serious project that people are pumping large sums of money into.

FOX already has additional broadcasting alliances with networks such as NBC too, which is, of course, a major network in the US. These two together could make the USFL more accessible to watch than the NFL, which is promising.

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