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The Top XFL League Live Betting Tips and Strategies

The XFL returns this year and has some great betting opportunities. Here is our quick guide to some of the best XFL live betting tips and strategies to help you win some wagers on the new league.

Manage Your Bankroll

The most successful gamblers will lose wagers, and they know this. By having a bankroll and only wagering a small percentage of it on multiple bets, successful gamblers will often win some, lose a few, and end the day in profit.

The amount you wager on each bet should reflect the odds of the bet, so the higher the odds, the less you stake, and vice versa. This way you can make big gains from a small winning bet, and only lose a small amount if the bet fails. Low odds bets with a higher stake are often called ‘bankers’, as when they win, they will cover the amount you have spent on other wagers.

Find the Best Places to Bet

Not all bookmakers are equal or use the same odds on a game or in-game event. When you are preparing your bets, make sure you check the odds available at many different bookmakers, including online.

At sites like you can find a comprehensive guide to sports betting and the different things you should look for when choosing where and when to place your bets. This simple step can often get you a better return on your wager than from using your regular bookmakers and online betting sites.

Get to Know the XFL Teams and the Game Format

If you are going to be serious about betting on the XFL and its teams, you are going to have to get to know how the game works and how the teams play. The game is similar to the NFL and college football but has some subtle differences that you should learn.

There are some interesting differences between the NFL and the XFL, including the comeback period that begins in the last two minutes of each half, and the Points-After Touchdown phase that allows a scoring team an extra play after a touchdown. These could lead to some interesting events and some great bets to place your stake on.

The Game Favours the Offense Over the Defence

The rules of the XFL are structured in a way that benefits the attacking side and should lead to higher-scoring games. You should bear this in mind when placing bets on scores or final outcomes as they are likely to be much higher than in the NFL or college football.

Teams can make double forward passes when in possession in the XFL, which should make the game very entertaining and help increase the number of touchdowns. The Points After-Touchdown phase should also increase the scores as it gives teams the opportunity to score a second touchdown instead of a field goal.

XFL Could be the King of Comeback Sports

The comeback phase in the last two minutes of each half could lead to some interesting results and will provide gamblers with some great in-play, live betting opportunities.

In the last two minutes of each half, there is no play clock in action in the game, so teams with a score advantage cannot run down the clock to win. XFL teams will be playing right to the buzzer, and close games are likely to see a quick turnaround in the final minutes.

Unknown Players Will Lead to Surprise Results

The players of XFL teams are often relatively unknown, which makes it harder for bookmakers to generate accurate odds based on their performance. This will create a lot of great bets for gamblers to wager on.

Many players will also be playing in the hope of grabbing the attention of NFL teams, so will be going above and beyond their call of duty to make great plays and catches. Betting on player performance will be a great way to get high-value odds in XFL games.

The XFL promises a lot of entertainment for viewers, and placing some bets on a game can only add to the excitement. Hopefully, this guide will help you beat the bookmakers and win some wagers.

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