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The NFL is said to be trying to help the USFL succeed

For lovers of American Football, the NFL season could be argued to be a little short as it only runs from September to February when the Super Bowl is played.

Indeed, this is something some have managed to pick up on and have looked to change in recent years with attempts to bring spring football to the masses, although it has been a rather rocky road.

Spring Football has been difficult

The Alliance of American Football, otherwise known as the AAF, started in 2019 and looked to be a success before it abruptly came to an end a little more than halfway through the inaugural season due to financial issues.

The re-booted XFL then took centre stage in 2020 and looked to be heading for success before COVID put an end to any chance that it had. We do expect to see the league make a return in 2023, though, as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and others are looking to do their best to revive it.

This spring, though, could be third time lucky for football, with the USFL set to take place, with games scheduled to take place between April and July as eight teams battle it out in Birmingham, Alabama, as each and every game will be played there.

Every chance the USFL can be a success

For some, there are a number of reasons that it could work and be a success this time around, though, and a repeat of what has happened in the past could be a thing of history.

With sports betting sweeping across the U.S., many are suggesting that the sport could thrive as punters will be interesting in betting on the game because it is new, which could then help to provide it with a source of financial revenue as sportsbook operators may look to try and get involved via the use of sponsorships or advertising.

NFL assisting USFL

However, there are some that will suggest that this spring could be a success for competitive American Football because the NFL appears to be ready to be actively involved in assisting the promotion and working together on a variety of things.

The AAF is understood to have failed as the NFL would not directly cooperate with the league on a timeline that was agreeable, although that does not seem to be the case with the USFL at the moment; at least going by the noises to have been coming out of Fox, the network in which some of the games will be broadcast on alongside Fox Sports 1, NBC, USA, and Peacock.

According to Lachlan Murdoch, who is the CEO of the Fox Corporation, there have been no obstacles from the professional league, and they have been “tremendously helpful” and assisting, although no details have been released about how they are being helpful.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, we will be able to see a spring of American Football take place successfully and provide fans of the sport with some exciting entertainment and competitive action. If the NFL is assisting, then there should be no reason why we can not expect to see a full season finally get played out!

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