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The greatest NFL comebacks of all time

As we head into yet another season of the NFL it is a perfect time to look back at the drama the sport creates; improbable comebacks and last-gap winners have produced some of the sports highlights over the years.

There have been many great comebacks in the history of the NFL, teams have looked dead and buried but came back against the odds in an abundance of times.

It would only be fitting, to begin with, the biggest comeback ever based on the margin overturned, as the Buffalo Bills managed to win 41-38 against the Houston Oilers after trailing by 32 points at one point in the game.

It was a playoff game in January of 1993, going into the half-time break trailing after putting in a dismal showing, Bills’ defensive coordinator Walt Corey rallied the troops in an aggressive halftime speech, as he instilled belief and motivation into a Bills side that looked lost in the occasion.

The Bills emerged for the second half looking like a totally different outfit as they dominated their opponents to earn a shock comeback victory and advance to the next round. The famous comeback represents what the Bills are all about, a club built on resilience and the will to never give up means they are Super Bowl contenders almost every year.

The Bills will entertain the Los Angeles Rams in just over a week’s time to open the NFL season, and many bookmakers are already offering the best football odds to eager fans who can place a bet on the fixture with the home team offered at -135 favourites to win the game as of 07.09.2022.

A comeback in more modern times happened when the Denver Broncos faced the Los Angeles Chargers in 2012. 

The Chargers looked comfortably as they went into the 3rd quarter 24-0 up after managing to shut out their opponents for the entire first half, but the Broncos shocked the NFL with 35 unanswered points to win 35-24.

The comeback was made even more significant by the concurrent 11-match win streak it sparked, but the Broncos, unfortunately, lost in the playoffs, so the occasion cannot quite be looked at as a comeback that led to eventual glory.

Another impressive comeback came in a playoff game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Indianapolis Colts in which the Chiefs seemed to be cruising to a comfortable victory leading 38-10 well into the third quarter.

But the Colts continued fighting and courtesy of top quarterback Andrew Luck switched the momentum of the game, as Luck continually picked out his teammates from long range to score touchdown after touchdown.


They eventually went ahead late in the fourth quarter and the Colts were winners on a remarkable night of football 45-44.

One thing all comebacks tend to have in common is a leader truly ignites them, whether it be a member of the playing or coaching staff, a team is fired up with motivation and a desire to improve, and no lead is completely insurmountable once momentum turns into the chasing teams favor.

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