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The Future of XFL and Betting – What Can Fans Expect?

The XFL has been through plenty of rough patches, but with its heart in the right place, it seems to bounce back no matter what happens. While most sports leagues around the world are more than happy getting a celebrity endorsement, the great thing about the XFL is that it is now owned by a bona fide megastar, which is bound to make the competition’s future entertaining and exciting.

As Dwayne Johnson took over the XFL with his business partners, he came out very clearly stating that this move was based on his love for the game as well as fans of football. It also means that sports bettors will now have more opportunities to indulge in professional football during the year. Luckily, one doesn’t necessarily have to learn how to become a high roller to make the most of the betting options that XFL promises. Although being one means you get more benefits from your casino or bookie. Instead, there are opportunities with the XFL to win without even investing any money at all.

Expect Changes

Take any business, the moment there is a management change, one can see alterations in the way things are done. We can expect the same with the XFL, although at the heart of it all, things will remain basically the same. Nevertheless, fans can anticipate a few possible rule variations, especially if the next season happens under a “bubble environment.” Moreover, while XFL was working with gambling establishments previously, it will be interesting to see if any new deals come on the table in the following months.  

In-House Plays

A great move by the XFL when it restarted was to have fun games for fans built into its app. The PlayXFL feature is an opportunity for fans to predict game scores and win prizes that can range from merchandise to game tickets. Similarly, there is a separate 4 question quiz for fans attending games, through which they can win more prizes. A fun way to get football enthusiasts interested, it doesn’t look like the new XFL will take away these features anytime soon.

Live Gambling

In a world where sports seems to be changing and becoming shorter and quicker, the XFL is undoubtedly innovative. Therefore, when the time comes for the next season, there may be an amalgamation between this new concept and the latest in gambling, live betting. With the game moving faster than before, live betting will allow punters to place wagers at any moment while watching teams battle it out on the field. While the conventional form of sports betting will remain in place, live wagering could add a whole new element of thrill to the game, like never before.

Fantasy League

The XFL already has agreements for a daily fantasy league with DraftKings and the same is likely to continue. Once again, fantasy sport is an excellent way for football lovers to immerse themselves into the hysteria that surrounds the competition. Moreover, besides attracting new fans, XFL fantasy football provides excellent insight into how many people are actively interested in league games. And that is something the new owners would want to know and analyse over time.

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