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The Differences Between Football and MMA Betting Markets

Sports betting can add an extra dimension to being a spectator. Whether you are watching in person or on TV, betting on the outcome of a sporting event can increase the excitement significantly.

Another great thing about betting on different sports is the different markets that can be explored. There will be some similar markets that might look at overall results, and other bets may be completely different.

The differences between MMA and football are obvious. One is a team ball game, and the other is one-on-one combat, but betting can often bridge the gap between sports. Take a look at the popular betting markets below to see how MMA and football betting differ, and whether there are similar bets that can be enjoyed for both sports.

The Most Popular MMA Betting Markets

All sports offer a range of betting markets which can include outright results, individual statistics, and even handicap betting.


Moneyline betting in MMA is an outright bet on the result of the fight. This is a popular bet in many sports as all you have to do is pick who you think will win. In MMA, there are just three options—either of the two fighters, or a tie.

Method of Victory

A method of victory bet is only found in combat sports like MMA and boxing. This type of bet allows you to choose how you think a bout will be won. This can include points decisions, submission, or KO.

The appeal of a bet like this is that you will have greater odds than moneyline betting, as it is more difficult to predict.

Round Propositions

Round proposition betting allows you to choose which round you think the bout will end in. Bettors do not necessarily need to choose who they think will win for this type of bet. However, choosing the winner and round will offer greater odds as you’ll have to predict both correctly to win.

Time Propositions

Time propositions are similar to round propositions and deal with when a fight will end. Instead of choosing the round, the bet will be similar to over/under betting where you choose how far you think a fight will get before it is stopped.

Live Betting

Live MMA betting allows you to bet on a range of markets as the fight is happening. This can allow you to see how someone is performing and place a wager.

The odds for live betting are constantly updating. This means that the bettor needs to keep an eye on the fight and betting updates to make the most of the markets with the most potential.

Not all sportsbooks offer live betting as it requires a lot of attention to detail when setting the odds. However, for those who are deeply interested in the sport, it can be a much more exciting way to bet on an event.

The Most Popular Football Betting Markets

Football is the most popular spectator sport in the U.S., with 74.5% of the population following it. With this interest, it will come as little surprise to learn that there is a range of betting markets associated with it.


Moneyline betting in football is no different from MMA moneyline betting, as you will select the outcome of the match with either team winning or a tie match.

Point Spread

Points spread betting allows the bettor to place a wager on how many points a team will win or lose by.

Points Betting

Points betting allows you to select the points scored by one or both teams and is more similar to an over/under bet.

Game/Player Propositions

Proposition betting in a football match can make for an interesting wager. This type of bet is when you place a wager on an element of the game rather than the overall outcome.

This can include the total passes, rushing yards, or the number of touchdowns in a game.

Player prop bets let you bet on individual performances rather than the team. This can include who will score the first touchdown or the rushing or passing yards of a player. In these bets, it doesn’t matter which team wins overall—they can still pay out if the prop you’re betting on hits, even if the team loses the match overall.

Live Betting

Live betting in football is similar to MMA live betting, as the market will be updated based on performances and current scores. A poor first-half performance or injury to an important player can make a significant difference to the starting odds.

MMA Betting Strategies

Betting strategies can help punters gather the information they need and ensure they have the best chance of winning. The best strategy for winning MMA bets is to analyze the competitors and ensure that you have a good idea of their fighting styles, form, and fitness.

Knowing the market is important, so choose the organization you’re most interested in and learn more about the fighters’ strategy and history. Betting on the UFC is relatively commonplace, so you’ll find reasonable odds at most bookmakers on these widely-watched events. However, finding bookmakers for Rizin betting can be more challenging as this is a lot more niche, but it will be worth it if you have a better knowledge of the fighters.

Regardless of which organization you choose to follow, MMA prop betting can offer some excellent odds. It’s also often tempting to bet on a parlay for big winnings, but this is not always advisable as an enormous amount of good fortune is typically required to get a payout.

Football Betting Strategies

Football betting strategies should be looked at in the same way as an MMA betting strategy. Only bet on the markets you have a good knowledge of, even when the odds look too good to be true.

Form, injuries, fitness, and performance levels in different climates can all make a big difference in how a team will perform.

Having an in-depth knowledge of the full roster of all NFL teams would be challenging, to say the least, and with MMA you only have to focus on individual fighters. Because of this, try to focus on specific teams, so you can have a better knowledge of their capabilities.

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