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The best American football league in the world

American football is an interesting sport that is just developing in Pakistan. But fans of this sports discipline also follow other championships, the most popular of which is the NFL. It is not surprising that the US Championship occupies the first line in the ranking. The strongest athletes in the world play here, and there is a lot of money in the league.

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This article will focus on the best American football league in the world.

NFL is the richest league in American football

NFL is not only the most popular, but also the richest league. The tournament’s net income for the last game season is said to have been about $12 billion. And most of the money comes from advertising. Americans know how to make shows, so media sponsors and broadcasts bring a lot of money to the teams. The league received about $10 billion from the sale of media rights alone.

According to Forbes, the net income of the NFL was $11.9 billion. But this is the amount after paying all taxes and other expenses. The total profit exceeds $20 billion. Not surprisingly, 67% of income comes from media rights and other non-football related activities and events.

As a result, in 2022, each of the league teams (32 clubs) received more than $372 million in revenue. But in 2023, these amounts can only increase, because new contracts are being signed.

The companies that pay the most for NFL media rights are:

  • ESPN – $2.7 billion;
  • CBS – $2.3 billion;
  • FOX – $2.1 billion.

Also in the top are Amazon, NBC and YouTube. Note that the NFL is the most successful among all North American sports organizations. For example, the closest pursuer – Major League Baseball (MLB) earns half as much on copper rights. The income of baseball players is estimated at 5.2 billion dollars. And the NBA receives only about $3 billion from advertising and related services (NHL – $1.2 billion).

Promotion of American football

In the US, American football does not need to be popularized. It is already one of the most famous disciplines. But outside the States, the NFL does not have as many fans as, for example, the NBA. But the arrival of famous personalities in the championship gradually helps to solve this problem. And now it’s not about buying new players, because most of the top athletes already play in America. The popularization of the NFL is due to the arrival of other famous personalities and athletes in various positions in the championship, as well as as official media partners or even co-owners of clubs.

One such example was the purchase of the Denver Broncos team by seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton. The Briton became a co-owner of the team. The second and main owner is Rob Walton. The deal is valued at a record $4.65 billion for North American sports.

Lewis Hamilton is a famous person not only in the world of motorsport. The British driver has set numerous Formula One records, won over 100 races and competed in over 300 Grands Prix. Therefore, the arrival of such a person in the NFL will clearly benefit the championship.

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