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Super Bowl 2021: Current Teams Favored by the Odds

NFL teams are currently finishing up their remaining games and trying to fix their regular season stats. Some that are qualified for the playoffs are gauging their playoff potential and whether they would reach their playoff goals for this season or not.

If ever they reach the finals, their fans and other spectators try to predict how much they would win against the opposing team. People and fans put their faith in their favorite teams and try to predict how likely their favorites are to win the championship title. To do that, however, they need to consider their team’s performance this season to have a good insight into their potential performance during the playoffs.

The following teams have put up excellent numbers and records this season above all other teams and are considered as solid contenders for the championship title. Note their performances as they proceed with their regular season runs and, eventually, their playoff runs.

New Orleans Saints (NFC)

The Saints keep the top spot in the NFC and as the top team of the Southern Division. They currently sport a record of 10-2, with a win in their recent game against the Atlanta Falcons, 21-16, added to the run.

They also boast a nine-game win streak as of the moment, the second-highest win streak recorded this season, with the first record previously held by the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Saints have clinched their playoff berth while the Kansas City Chiefs did, meaning they have earned themselves a solid spot at the playoffs.

The team is doing reasonably well this season despite losing their primary quarterback, Drew Brees, to lung and rib injuries. Fortunately, he is on his way to recovery. In the meantime, the Saints would be led by their recent starting quarterback Taysom Hill, who is doing well as a starter.

Kansas City Chiefs (AFC)

The Chiefs defend their spot as the Western Division’s top team and currently tied with the Steelers as the top seed of the AFC, sporting a record of 11-1 with a seven-game win streak. They had recently clinched their playoff berth with their victory against the Denver Broncos, with the score 22-16, the same time the Saints did.

Their win against the Broncos was not so easily won as the opposing team rallied, giving the Chiefs a hard time, with their scores neck-to-neck. However, the deciding play for them was their field goals brought by their kicker Harrison Butker, who was five for five in field goal attempts and tallied 16 points off the kicks, effectively giving them the lead and win.

This was not the first time that the Chiefs had a hard-fought win, though. In fact, the last four games they had were near wins. The last stomp they had was against the New York Jets during their eighth week of the season with a score of 35-9. Despite other teams giving a hard fight, the Chiefs still prevail and would probably continue to do so for the rest of the season.

Pittsburgh Steelers (AFC)

The Steelers are currently the top team of the AFC Northern Division, tying for the Conference’s top spot with the Kansas City Chiefs. The Steelers had sported a perfect record so far, with an 11-0 run, but that win streak had been broken with their recent loss to the Washington Football Team, with the score 17-23.

This loss should have been expected, though, as the Steelers’ performance has been dwindling for a while now. Their previous game against the Ravens was regarded as a scrapped win by them since they didn’t perform as they wanted despite the Ravens being short-handed due to some players being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just because they had broken their win streak and lost their status as the most dominant team of the NFL this season doesn’t mean they should be written off immediately. Teams experience losses like this and are regarded as minor setbacks for the season. Eventually, they would pop back up and have a reinforced run as the season’s end nears.

Green Bay Packers (NFC)

The Packers take the first spot in the NFC Northern Division. Having shared the second seed spot with the Seattle Seahawks before, with the same record of 8-3, the Packers broke the tie with a win against the Philadelphia Eagles, scoring 30-16. The Seahawks went down to the third seed, losing to the New York Giants, tallying a record of 8-4.

The Packers are now the second seed of the NFC and have a clear and stable spot to claim for the playoffs. They have been optimizing their performance for a while now, and they look to improve further as contenders for the Super Bowl with their two-game win streak.  


The teams mentioned have put up exceptional records and stats all throughout the regular season. The fact that they have achieved much makes them viable candidates for the finals and championship title. Predicting their win could be tough, considering other teams have their own strengths and effective strategies going into the playoffs.

With at least a month remaining in the NFL 2021 regular season, looking at these teams’ current runs would help predict their Super Bowl point spread if they ever qualify for the finals.

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