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Season-Ending Injury for Rodgers, Do the Jets Still Get to the Super Bowl?

NFL fans were either laughing or crying when Aaron Rodgers left his debut game for the New York Jets via an injury. The same emotions were only intensified when the news broke that this would be a season-ending injury. So, what does this mean for the Jets, especially when they were ranked as one of the pre-season Super Bowl favourites with many of the best offshore sportsbooks?

They Still Beat the Bills…

While anti-Jets fans will have rejoiced at the sight of Rodgers’ injury, they will still have had to watch the New York Jets win the match against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets won every quarter excluding the first one. Zach Wilson came into the game despite not expecting to play any of the season and rose to the occasion. While not the most masterful QB performances he was convincing and a lot better on the night than Josh Allen who looked terrible as he threw three interceptions.

The QB problem emerges again

For years and years, the New York Jets struggled with getting the QB position sorted. Sam Darnold, Josh McCown, Luke Falk, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Zach Wilson, Mike White, Josh Johnson and now Aaron Rodgers enters the list of QBs that the franchise has broken. The most evident option would be to just give Zach Wilson the role again. Yet, he was only entrusted with nine games last season. Is he any better than he was a year ago?

Recruitment drives can be costly and time-consuming processes but surely, that’s the only way to solve this QB problem – given that Aaron Rodgers was the solution not that long ago. Jameis Winston, Cooper Rush, and Carson Wentz are all listed as potential step-ins or job sharers with Wilson…but none of them are Rodgers’ quality.

Rodgers’ Intangibles Will Be Missed on the Field

However you spin it, losing Aaron Rodgers is massive. While his advancing years are evident it’s the intangible experience of winning games and Super Bowls before that would have been called on in the clutch moments to take the Jets to the next level (or at least make them better than before). When he’s in a better shape and mental state, he still might be able to help the team in a direct coaching role but this isn’t quite the same as being the leader on the field he’s used to being. This could have a direct impact on how far they go in the regular season, never mind the postseason.

This becomes a non-starter if he decides to simply earn his paycheque and sit out his recovery on the beach. It depends on how invested he is in the franchise if he still wants to help them when he can’t do so in the games. He has been very vocal in the preseason and appears to be very committed to the franchise.

Would the Schedule Have Allowed the Jets to the Super Bowl Anyway?

NFL pundits and supercomputers ranked the New York Jets’ as having the second-hardest schedule of all the teams. Having Aaron Rodgers or not, that’s an incredibly tall task, especially when the franchise is coming from a losing position with very little momentum. While ardent Jets’ supporters can now use the injury as an excuse and scapegoat for a lack of success, the question remains as to whether they would have got the best of top teams like the Kansas City Chiefs, the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Commanders?

Conclusion of New York Jets’ Super Bowl Chances Without Rodgers

The reality is that now Aaron Rodgers will play no part in the 2023 season for the New York Jets. Hopefully, the injury recovers soon enough, and in a year, he gets a second chance at making a debut for the franchise. However, that might never happen given his advancing years and how serious this injury turns out to be.

Realistically, the road to the Super Bowl would have been a long road with Rodgers. However, without him, it’s much harder as the playing personnel hasn’t changed enough to merit anything better than the bad results of yesteryear. Obviously that means their odds are much higher now, so if you still think they can do it you can pick from the best offshore sportsbooks here and potentially take advantage of that. The win against the Buffalo Bills isn’t a big enough sample size to suggest that the Jets have turned the corner. However, if they manage to put a few wins together it might be worth keeping monitoring them.

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