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NFL Draft Pick Predictions

The NFL draft pick takes place at the end of April this year, spanning from Thursday the 27th to Saturday the 29th. It’s without a doubt one of the most highly anticipated events in any NFL fan’s calendar as the expectation of seeing whom their favourite team picks ramps up. And with the help of sports betting and Props, why not add another element of excitement by placing your bets on the outcome? Below, we’ll take a closer look at how the draft works and some of the early predictions.

What is the NFL draft?

To recap for those that aren’t sure how the draft works, the NFL draft happens each year and is used as a way of allowing teams to pick new players to join their team. There are a set number of picks for each team, and the players tend to be from a college or international teams. This allows NFL teams to add young, talented new players for the upcoming season. The higher your team is in the draft, the more likely they’ll be to secure a player with potential. The lower down the draft a team is, they’ll have to look for players that are classed as underdogs or hidden gems. Here are a few draft pick predictions that NFL fans may see when the draft takes place in April.

Houston Texans – C.J Stroud

The Texans are set to pick 2nd in round 1 and of course, there is already speculation about whom they might choose when the time comes. C.J stroud could be the answer to the Texan’s issues when it comes to finding a quarterback to help them when the season begins. Stroud currently plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes and is currently on track to be in arguably the best form of his career. Whilst he is still a junior, there’s no doubt that Stroud can pass and throw to a high standard visible in the highest levels of the NFL. Whilst Stroud could be the answer to Houston’s lack of quality when it comes to their quarterback, will head coach Ryans be able to set Stroud up with some help in the form of players on his level?

Arizona Cardinals – Will Anderson Jr.

Another draft prediction that may be music to the ears of Cardinals fans is the potential move being made by Will Anderson from Alabama. The linebacker is showing he’s explosive on the field, and combining this with his power could make for a great pick for the Cardinals in the coming months. Choosing a linebacker with as much quality as Will Anderson Jr. would be a sensible choice if anything for the team, bearing in mind they’re losing J.J Watt to retirement and potentially Zach Allen to free agency. Fast, powerful, and skilled – the Cardinals would do well to land Anderson this draft pick.  

Chicago Bears – Peter Skoronski

Next up is the Chicago Bears and another potential draft pick that could see them choosing a player to help Braxton Jones on the offensive line. Peter Skoronski is an offensive tackle that plays for Northwestern, and whilst there is always talk surrounding whether he’s better as a tackle or a guard, his attributes truly speak for themselves and contribute to his powerful play, and balanced set. Skoronski boasts a vertical of 34.5 inches and a broad jump of 9 foot 7, which contributes to his level of play. Bears fans will have to keep an eye on their picks when the draft begins in April to see if he makes the cut.

Tennessee Titans – Paris Johnson

Another offensive tackle making draft pick predictions is Paris Johnson who currently plays for Ohio State. There is no denying that at 6 foot 6, and 313 pounds Johnson boasts a powerful style of play with formidable strength in his hands and throws. It makes sense for the Titans to pick Johnson, as the team released Taylor Lewan, making room for the OT to slot into the line-up perfectly. As well as this, Paris Johnson can start in two positions – left tackle and right guard if necessary. The junior makes it easy to see why the Titans may just pick them in the upcoming draft this spring.

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