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How XFL Can Promote Responsible Gambling

You already know that the XFL league is new, interesting, and growing as we speak. It is a massive hit at the moment. One thing they can and should do is to promote responsible gambling. How they can do it? Well, there are several options that are very appealing, successful and bettors like to see these. It tells them that betting is safe and they can get help if needed. 

Ways To Promote Responsible Gambling

Below we are going to see the top 3 choices that work and have been used by other leagues, casinos on the web, and many other iGaming brands in the past. Some are even mandatory as you shall see. Anyway, let’s take a look at the details and explain each one in detail. 

Promote GamStop

GamStop is a self-exclusion platform. You will create an account at the official website and immediately all the betting sites and gambling sites will become unavailable. You have to wait until the self-exclusion ban expires and then you can gamble again. It works well and there is no way to overcome or bypass the limit.

A player can choose between a couple of months of 5 years long self-exclusion and it will cover all the sites in the network. You can see which ones are a member by looking at the footer of the homepage. It will have the GamStop logo and you can get additional pieces of information there.

Players who complete their self-seclusion period can continue betting. It is worth noting that a user can prolong his self-exclusion if needed but cannot opt for a shorter time frame. 

GamStop is mandatory to use by all sites of this nature in the United Kingdom. It is the only drawback of it and online gambling without GamStop is extremely popular because players from the UK choose those international brands. We can add that the XFL league should consider using this platform as soon as possible. It is beneficial for players, fans and it makes betting much safer. It is a nice thing knowing that you can get help when needed and you can rely on professionals. 

GamStop is free to use which is another reason why so many bettors like it. Once the self-exclusion ban expires you can contact customer support and ask them to remove the ban. You will have to wait 24 hours and after that, you can gamble or bet once again.

Promote Gamcare

You probably have heard of self-exclusion programs or organizations such as GamStop. Gamcare is not the same thing. There is no software or an option to distance yourself from betting and gambling in this case scenario. But, Gamcare is still more than just needed and essential. This is an organization that educates and teaches bettors on how to avoid gambling addiction, what is responsible for gambling and promote awareness by players. There is a free telephone all people from England, Wales, and Scotland can call at any given moment. The idea is to call a professional, get help when needed, and prevent severe issues.

Bettors with issues can teach themselves how to prevent gambling addiction or what to do if they already have it. It is a detailed process that is more than just effective. Gamcare also has a special program for youth and they will teach the younger people how to protect themselves from gambling addiction and severe issues. 

In addition, Gamcare also teaches people how to see signs of addiction in their friends and family. When detected sooner, the treatment and help is far more effective, more appealing, and take less time. It is something that all people should be familiar with.

XFL should definitely use Gamcare and promote it. This means that all bettors can get help at any given moment, 24/7 and overcome the issues and return to the ordinary state. A promotion at the official site and all partners is more than just appealing and something we would see in the league more and more. Gamcare is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and all betting/gambling sites that are available for players from this part of the globe. 

Launch a Blog

Yes, having a blog is extremely beneficial. We can see all kinds of sites for betting and gambling doing the same thing. There will be a link with the details at the footer on the pages of the site. A player can click on that link and visit the blog. There, he can find various details about gambling addiction, helpful topics, and also signs that will give him the much-needed answer.

A blog can also reveal preventions, procedures and even promote different gambling addiction experts in various countries. The perks and possibilities in this case scenario are endless and there are many perks we don’t have the time to list all of them. 

XFL league definitely needs a blog of this kind. It is important to add that this blog should be written by experts. It should be maintained and updated on a regular basis so players can get the latest details and changes they can implement to their own problems. 


XFL league does have a lot of options when it comes to promoting responsible gambling. The best result would come if the league uses all of the ways. It would be the most effective, it will have the best results and it will help most people. It is easy as well hence there is no actual reason why the league should avoid this. 

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