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How Does Football Betting Work in 2020?

Football wagers come as the most demanded and deeply-researched discipline in sports betting, though there remains a space of unexplored corners upon an inside look. Experts assure that it’s a Monday thing to earn the big coin on football wagers in 2020. For experienced punters, wagers are no longer a hobby or a way to kill time, but a profitable and pleasurable lifework in parallel.

Indeed, nobody becomes a betting wizard at once. Growing from an amateur to a guru is not a one-day matter. It is a complex and efforts-demanding routine that requires regular skills mastering and knowledge expanding. As the football universe does not stay still, wagering activities in this niche keep adjusting to the lighting changes.

Value betting basics

Punters may read dozens of books and watch tons of video guides on winning on football wagering, but neither of these can guarantee success in this tricky business until they come up with a strategy that is the best purely for them. The common problem of all starters is that they often rely on the bookmakers’ forecasts and place bets without considering an expected value.   

When examining football wagers, the paramount rule to base a winning strategy on is to place bets promising to bring more value, i.e., punters should earn more than an initial bet costs.   If they build their strategy on bets with negative or neutral value, they step on the losers’ path. But how to calculate this magic value?

First of all, punters should stop entirely relying on the bookie’s predictions, but instead do their forecasts. Surely neither of us can predict the future, but there are many proven strategies to avoid blind wagering. Punters need to monitor statistics, research the market, and consider the prospects to define the approximate fraction of the positive outcome. If bettors can guess the closest likelihood and beat a bookmaker’s forecast, they will get a value from the seem-to-be non-profitable bets.

Football betting strategies that work in 2020

Predicting the winning probability is what distinguishes a skilled football bettor from a freshman. We are not talking about addressing fortune-tellers every time you wager on the football event. Instead, better apply strategies that proved their efficiency in 2020.

Matched wagering

This risk-free strategy is a panacea for starters (though skilled punters also opt for it in 2020). The principle of matched wagers is easy-to-grasp.  A successful match is when the bookies’ giveaways (free bets, perks) cover the amount of a punter’s initial wager. In other words, you can’t lose anything if you don’t drop a coin from your pocket. The strategy is initially victorious because punters bet on bonus money given by sportsbooks. If they win, they get the prize, risking nothing.

Double chance

Another 100% profitable strategy is known for punters as Double chance. You bet on opposite outcomes of the same event and receive a guaranteed profit. Bettors jokingly call this method Backup, as no matter which of both teams scores the game, they win regardless of a match outcome.  Double chance is good to cut back on the stress for bettors who can’t hold back their emotions amid the games run. 

Kelly criterion

The unbeaten tool of successful bettors is the Kelly criterion. The principle lies upon distributing the bet amount, managing the event’s mathematical probability, i.e., wagering on a result with better-than-predicted odds. With a mindful approach, this technique proves to be an effective weapon to beat a bookmakers’ forecast and hit the bank with a gainful wager.

Arbitrage method

This technique is more tricky, still much beloved by skilled punters. The arbitrage method is built on the principle of ‘sure bets,’ when a punter monitors the bookmakers’ market in hunt for the lucrative offerings and wagers on several platforms at a time. Skilled bettors know that bookies adjust odds upfront of meaningful games. Following the market research, they figure out several prosperous combinations to get revenue that beats the total investment amount.


This football wagering strategy has several names: Acca bets, accumulator betting, multi-bets, or ‘legs’ wagers. The concept is the following: bettors team up several wagers (legs) and then shape a mixed (multi) bet for a single game. It’s like collecting pieces of a puzzle to get a full picture afterward. The strength of accumulator betting is that odds of each particular bet are merged, making the final score much higher than with separate odds subtraction.

How football wagering changed in 2020

According to the WorldBookmakers’ experts, football is in the top-3 beloved sports among bettors worldwide. After analyzing the market, they concluded that many large-scale sportsbooks tend to modify their content portfolio, considering punters’ growing demands.  The 2020 punters are highly engaged with live-betting solutions, virtual games, and streaming functions, which top bookmakers can offer.

  • Live-betting solutions: In-play betting has strengthened its position among football fans in 2020. Punters realized that pre-match predictions often work as a game of chance. Even with the most prosperous expectations, it’s hard to forecast how the game will run on the field: injuries, last-minute roster changes, etc. Live-betting solutions appear more flourishing in this regard, as they allow punters to place mindful wagers amid teams’ ongoing confrontation.
  • Streams: Statistics indicate that websites that render live-streaming solutions get 40% more traffic than competitors. Eminent sportsbook operators choose not to stay aside from the tech innovations. Many reputable bookies deliver live broadcasts of the major football events on their platforms. Thus, they empower punters with the ability to place valuable bets and watch games LIVE, enjoying HD resolution and top-notch broadcasting quality.
  • Virtual football: Another must-have that generated a tremendous hype among bettors in 2020 is virtual football. When all significant events put on pause due to the pandemic situation worldwide, punters began looking for new opportunities to enjoy football wagers. VR football appeared a perfect solution, as no real players are involved there, and matches last around 5 minutes. Similar to VR football, experts noticed a rise of fantasy football in 2020. They admit that wagering on FF leagues will stay in massive demand in upcoming years as well.

Summing up

Despite all those dynamic changes in 2020, one thing remains unchanged – humans’ engagement with sport in general and football in particular. Demand for football wagering is not leaning back in 2020, and the future prognosis for this sector is relatively prosperous. The integration of the new flawless betting solutions, market growth, flexibility of bookmakers’ offers, and the rise of virtual technologies altogether helped boost punters’ craze for football wagers in 2020.

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