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How Do XFL Players’ Salaries Compare to NFL Superstars?

The world of professional football in the United States features a stark contrast when it comes to player salaries, particularly between the NFL and the XFL.

XFL Player Salaries: A Closer Look

In the 2023 season, if you’re an XFL player, your bank account looks a lot different from an NFL player’s. The average salary for playing in the XFL hovers around $59,000 for the 10-game regular season. That’s not all, though. Players can earn an extra $5,000 per game played and a $1,000 bonus for each win. Including bonuses and benefits like housing and meals, the total compensation for an XFL player is estimated to be between $60,000 and $70,000 for the season.

The top earner in the XFL for 2023? Former NFL QB Brett Hundley, who’s pulling in $200,000. But how does this compare to the giants in the NFL?

NFL Player Salaries: The Other End of the Spectrum

Jump over to the NFL, and the salary story changes dramatically. For rookies in the NFL, the minimum salary starts at $750,000 in 2023. This figure jumps to $1.12 million for players with 7 or more years of experience. On average, an NFL player’s salary is about $2.8 million across all positions, with quarterbacks averaging over $7 million. The top 10 highest-paid NFL players are earning an eye-watering average of $49.4 million in 2023. Leading the pack is Joe Burrow, with a $62.9 million annual salary on his new $275 million contract. Following close behind are Justin Herbert ($52.5M/year), Lamar Jackson ($52M/year), and Jalen Hurts ($51M/year).

The Financial Divide

When you crunch these numbers, it’s clear the average XFL player’s salary of $60,000-$70,000 doesn’t even come close to the $2.8 million NFL average. It’s less than 10% of what NFL players make on average and less than 1% of the top 10 NFL earners’ average salary. This gap highlights not just the difference in league revenues and television deals but also the perceived value and marketability of players in each league.

The Betting Angle

For fans and bettors, this financial gulf between the XFL and NFL might not mean much at face value, but it adds an interesting layer to sports betting. With lower salaries, XFL players might be seen as having more to prove, possibly leading to unpredictable and exciting games. For those interested in placing a wager, exploring sportsbook promos can add an extra dimension to watching these games, whether you’re rooting for the underdog or the established stars.

Summary of Differences Between XFL and NFL Salaries

  • Average Salary:
    • XFL: Approximately $60,000-$70,000, inclusive of bonuses and benefits.
    • NFL: $2.8 million on average, across all positions.
  • Minimum Salary:
    • XFL: Base salary around $59,000 for the season.
    • NFL: Starts at $750,000 for rookies and $1.12 million for veterans with 7+ years.
  • Top Earners:
    • NFL: Joe Burrow at the top with a $62.9 million yearly salary.
  • Salary Range:
    • XFL: Earnings are relatively similar across the board, with a small range from the base to the top salary.
    • NFL: A broad range exists, reflecting the huge disparity from the minimum to the multimillion contracts for the league’s stars.
  • Earning Potential with Experience:
    • XFL: Little opportunity for salary growth beyond bonuses for game participation and wins.
    • NFL: Considerable potential for salary increase with experience, performance, and contract negotiations, especially for high-profile players.

The disparity in salaries between XFL and NFL players paints a vivid picture of professional football in the United States. While NFL players enjoy lucrative contracts reflective of the league’s commercial success and global appeal, XFL players face a different reality.

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