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History of the Creation of the XFL Football League

The XFL is fondly remembered by the people who watched it back then. But, many have no idea how it came to be or that it even existed. What was the creation process? How did Vince McMahon decide to bring it back? Let’s review the history of the XFL and watch some clips as we go.

The Creation of the XFL

Vince McMahon and NBC created the XFL. They wanted to create a football league that would rival the NFL in popularity. The XFL league devised various regulations, including prohibiting fair catches on punt kicks and mandating teams to attempt a two-point conversion after scoring a score. The XFL also had a marketing twist, which included putting microphones on players, coaches, and referees.

When the XFL first started, it was a revolutionary idea. A professional league that was going to be different from any other sport. It had rules wildly different from any other sport, including a mandatory two-point conversion after a touchdown and no fair catches in punt returns. The XFL had only one season and was widely considered a failure, but it made some significant changes to the game of football that is still around today.

The first significant change the XFL made to the game of football was how it recruited its players. The XFL didn’t have a draft like most sports leagues do; instead, it used a talent pool from which teams could select their players. This allowed players with less talent to make it into the league and for teams to find hidden gems that another team might not have picked up if they had gone through the draft process.

The selection process for teams underwent a considerable overhaul as well. The XFL draft is like a $1 nzd deposit casino where you can play with players from across the globe, where you can choose from a wide range of talent. 

Players who resided more than 50 miles from a team’s location were not eligible for consideration under the XFL’s talent pool system. More local rivalries arose as a result of this, as did the attendance of supporters who lived in immediate proximity to one another at the stadiums.

Victories and Failures

The XFL, the brainchild of WWE owner Vince McMahon, was supposed to be professional football with a hard edge. Instead, it was simply hard to watch.


The first significant victory of the league was its fast pace of play. The XFL shortened the games from about three hours in NFL games to about two hours for XFL games. This made it easier for casual fans to follow along, as they had fewer time requirements with their schedules.

The second major victory of the league was its effort to make football more entertaining for television viewers by using a sky-cam over the field of play and allowing microphones on players, coaches, and referees during games.

The third major victory of the XFL’s experimental rules was fan-friendly, such as allowing teams to score one, two, or three points after touchdowns. Instead of just six points and allowing a team that scored on an extra point or two-point conversion attempt to run another play from five yards out for another chance at scoring again and potentially earning a bonus point.


Here are things you didn’t know about one of the biggest flops in sports-entertainment history:

  • McMahon’s inspiration for the XFL was a television show promotion by NBC that showed what a “no rules” football game would look like. The promotion featured helmetless players and some on-field violence, which got McMahon thinking that he could sell this type of entertainment to the masses as a real thing.
  • In its first year, the XFL averaged 9 million viewers per game. By its second season, that average had dropped to 3 million viewers—a decline so steep that NBC pulled out at season’s end, leaving McMahon with no option but to fold the league.

Interesting Facts About the XFL

The XFL is a professional football league founded in 2001 by Vince McMahon, the same man who runs the WWE. There have been victories and failures in the league and some fascinating facts. Take a look at these five things you might not know about the XFL.

  • The first season of the XFL was heavily focused on entertainment; it even had cheerleaders!
  • The first season took place during the spring and summer of 2001, making it a direct competitor with the NFL.
  • The reason for this was so McMahon could show his fans that “real football” didn’t require any downtime between seasons.
  • However, the league ended up folding after only one year due to critics’ low ratings and bad reviews.
  • While many people believe that McMahon lost hundreds of millions of dollars when his league folded, he made money off it by selling off some broadcasting rights before closing down.
  • McMahon has stated he would like to bring back another version someday, but with less emphasis on entertainment and more on football itself.

The creation of the XFL league was met with scepticism, but instead of trying to compete with the NFL, they tried to carve a niche in a different part of the sports market. The initial ratings were promising, but unfortunately, the league did not last long to reach its full potential. Perhaps if they had given it a few years, it would have improved and continued.

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