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Football Terms – The Players

Center – refers to a player who is found in the midst of an offensive line. The center snaps the ball to the quarterback and then protect the quarterback from opposing defenders

Cornerback (CB) – a CB mainly lines up from a wide receiver as a defensive player to intercept/ break a pass or contain a rusher

Defensive back (DB) – refers to cornerbacks and safeties in a game

Defensive end (DE) – refers to a defensive player line up at the end of a defensive line with the aim of sacking or pressuring the opposing QB

Defensive tackle (DT) – this refers to a defensive player whose main task is to line up inside the defensive line so that they can contain any rushing plays

Eligible receiver – this is a term that used to refer to either of the opponents who can legally catch a forward pass

Free safety (FS) – this defensive player who is positioned deep behind the scrimmage line. The main task of the FS is to defend passes and tackling around the area he/she covers

Front seven – refers to linebackers and defensive linemen in a game

Fullback (FB) – a fullback lays offensively and he is positioned behind the quarterback (QB). In most cases, a FB tends to be a blocker rather than a rusher

Guard (G) – this offensive lineman is inside either on the right or left side. Normally, each side of the tackle should have a guard

Halfback (HB) – this is another name that’s used to refer to a fullback or a running back

Holder – refers to the player that holds the ball upright for a place kick during a game

Interior offensive line – this term refers to the guards and the center

Kicker (K) – refers to the player who takes kickoffs and kicks field goals

Kick returner – refers to a player whose main role is to catch kickoffs and run the ball back upfield

Linebacker (LB) – this is a defensive player who is supposed to stand behind the defensive linemen. A line backer should be able to rush the passer, tackle and drop back to aid in pass protection

Lineman – this can either refer to either a defensive or an offensive player. However, this is one of the players who line up near the ball along scrimmage line

Long snapper (LS) – the player is a specialist in snapping the ball back to the kicker either for punts or field goal attempts

Nickel back or nickel corner – refers to a 5th defensive back who is brought in to offer added pass protection

Nose tackle – on a three man line, a nose tackle is a player who is positioned up against the opposite the center. He is usually defensive

Punter (P) – this is a player who specializes in punting the ball downfield

Quarterback (QB) – this offensive player is mainly positioned behind the center. A QB take snaps and then direct the play

Running back (RB) – also known as a tailback, a running back usually line up, beside or behind a quarterback. The player can block when protecting the quarterback, become a receiver and catch the ball or run the ball from the backfield

Safety – you can have a strong safety (SS) or a free safety (FS) in a game. A strong safety stop runs and defends against the backs. On the other hand, free safety usually covers the quarterback

Scatback – this is a running back who is usually fast and elusive

Secondary – refers to safeties and cornerbacks in the backfield

Slot receiver – this is a wide receiver who line up in the slot

Special teams – this is a unit of a team that’s on the field during free kicks, goal attempts, kickoffs, and punts

Tight end (TE) – this offensive player can play as an additional receiver or a blocker because of the player line up at the extreme end of an offensive

Wide receiver (WR) – the player is offensive and he is positioned wide of the scrimmage. The main task of a WR is to catch the ball

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Susan Susan

    September 7, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    Great information on position players! My grandson played college ball and it finally sinked in what position he played after a couple of seasons. Football is hard for some of us when you “had” no interest in learning the game.
    GO XFL!!!!

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