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Football Fan’s Bucket List: The Must-see NFL Stadiums

NFL games these days are a pageant of incredible players, bright and intricately designed uniforms, exciting cheerleaders leaping into the air, and even, sometimes, exciting half-time shows. All NFL games, at their core, are about the incredible skill of the players on the field, but some of the stadiums that host these spectacles are an astonishing sight to see in themselves. Designed by incredible architects to accommodate thousands of fans on many different levels in various stages of overjoyed excitement, these stadiums are titans in the skylines of their home cities. For those who prepare to venture into the outdoors to enjoy their sporting events rather than watching and taking part in online sports betting from their comfy couches, NFL stadiums are where the magic happens. Join us as we count down the top eight NFL stadiums across America and talk about why they’re the best there are

1. State Farm Stadium
Home of the Arizona Cardinals.

The Arizona heat could have been a disaster for an NFL stadium, but the clever design of State Farm Stadium keeps both fans and players as cool as possible, even when the weather is boiling. New York architect Peter Eisenman designed this behemoth with the first set of a retractable roof and filed in the whole of North America. While it was in the middle of nowhere when it opened, it formed something of a hub with restaurants opening all around it.

2. GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium
Home of the Kansas City Chiefs.

Well known as the loudest NFL stadium in existence, Arrowhead Stadium is notoriously hard on away teams. This classically shaped stadium was constructed entirely with the fan’s experience in mind; that includes ample parking for tailgating before the game! Construction began on this stadium in 1968 and was initially conceived of by Charles Deaton.

3. Lucas Oil Stadium
Home of the Indianapolis Colts.

Nestled in the heart of Downtown, the Lucas Oil Stadium is an incredible fan experience. There’s a reason the NFL Combine is held there every single year. Bryan Trubey designed this masterpiece; with its easy access to the downtown amenities and plentiful, spacious seating for fans.

4.SoFi Stadium
Home of the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers.

This bad boy is the most expensive NFL stadium ever constructed and the most expensive American sports stadium to boot. This futuristic-looking construction is home to some of the most devoted fans in the country, despite the high price of admission. Lead architect Lance Evans really knew what he was doing when he created this incredible location.

5. Allegiant Stadium
Home of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Built for the whopping cost of 1.9 billion US dollars, Allegiant Stadium was guaranteed to offer the best fan experience ever from the get-go. Whether you’re there for a concert or a game, the fan experience is something to remember. The traffic jams that you have to sit in to get to the stadium are less than ideal, but once you walk in, all prior annoyances are forgotten. You can sit in one of 65,000 seats and eat at BBQ Mexicana, Pizza Rock, or other restaurants and take in the game in comfort.

6. Lambeau Field
Home of the Greenbay Packers.

A hub that the city revolves around, Lambeau Field is a fan favorite for more than just Packers fans. This stadium is a little different from many of the others on the list in that it’s like stepping into a time machine and going back to a simpler time. Classic metal bleachers, an open setting, and some of the best tailgating anywhere in the US combine to make Lambeau Field a fantastic experience.

7. US Bank Stadium
Home of the Minnesota Vikings.

In contrast to our previous stadium, US Bank Stadium feels like stepping into the future. The translucent roof might well become the standard for all closed stadiums, offering lovely natural light and a view of the city from miles around. Known as “The People’s Stadium”, the vibe here is simply the best.

8. AT&T Stadium
Home of the Dallas Cowboys.

Probably the best-known NFL stadium in the world, AT&T stadium is not only home to the Dallas Cowboys but also to the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. The place is simply enormous, with its transparent window-like walls letting in lots of light. The building is already a decade old, but it is holding up well and will likely continue to be a favorite for both home and away teams.

Wrap Up
These beloved stadiums will probably continue to be homes to some of the best teams in the NFL for years to come. Have you been to any of them?

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