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Casinos taking market shares in XFL sponsoring

Sportsbetting has seen some dramatic changes over the last couple of years. Whereas in the past it was mostly an underground activity, today it has entered into the mainstream market.

In this article we will be looking at the sports betting industry. More specifically we will take a look at the exciting XFL league and how this is going to affect Sports Betting in general. We are on the verge of a new era and we couldn’t be more excited!

Casinos and Sportsbooks

Sports betting has always been big money. As a result of the sharp rise in popularity, together with the easing of strict laws, we have witnessed an increase in the number of online casinos who have begun expanding into the sports betting arena. This transition has been smooth since casinos already have the infrastructure in place to cater for the sports betting market.

Party Casino is set to open up their own sportsbook by the end of the year to meet the demand. This new and exciting sportsbook promises to be a huge success considering the new developments in the world of Sports betting. You can also try bitcoin casino.

One such development involves sporting leagues developing the rules of the sport around betting. This is a huge change from traditional sports betting which required bookies to develop their bets around the game. Now we are seeing the sports being structured in a way that makes them more ‘betting friendly’.

What is the XFL

While skipping the season in 2021 the XFL announced their plans of returning in 2022 as a rejuvenated version that was started almost 20 years ago. This league will operate independently from the NFL and will have its own unique playing rules.The XFL league will partner with Genius Sports, who is a sports data and technology provider.

The key difference between the XFL league and the NFL is that the XFL will fully embrace sports betting. This is a shift from the past where most sporting leagues distanced themselves from Sportsbooks as it was believed that it would influence the quality and integrity of the sport played.

To be able to fully compete with the NFL the players in the XFL will have to focus on their training, nutritions and use of supplements. At the end of the day people only want to see the best play!

When developing the rules for the new league, XFL decided to include Big Casino owners in the discussion in order to fully understand how to improve the betting experience while remaining true to the game. By implementing some rule changes the league hopes to keep the spread in play longer and thus improve the overall betting experience.

This may prove to be a challenge for established bookies who have tailored their bets to traditional football rules. Despite this fact there is no doubt that the new rule changes will benefit bookies in the long run since they were created with them in mind.

The XFL league has purposefully closed the gap between sports betting and American Football so that there is less room for illegal betting activity. This is a very smart move on their part and will see them rake in the profits from the get go.

How will XFL change Sports betting

The XFL will usher in a new era where sports and bookies have a close relationship. This will certainly influence how games are played in the future. XFL has already made several announcements confirming their partnership with well known sports books.

The XFL has also gone above and beyond to address an underlying issue that has been a huge problem in the past with traditional bookies. That is the issue of corruption between sports betting and the sport itself.

In an interview with a representative from Genius Sports, Chris Dougan said that the league would require “all XFL players, coaches and officials to participate in our online integrity program, the league has made education a key pillar in preventing threats of betting corruption.” If this approach works we are certain that most other popular sporting leagues will follow in their footsteps.


The XFL will bring a new dimension to the wonderful game of American Football. We will see a league that goes all in on the betting aspect of the sport instead of pretending like it does not exist or impact the game. For this reason alone we can’t wait for 2021 to arrive!

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