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Australian Football League Stars That Have Been Spotted in Casinos

Naturally, sports and gambling often go hand in hand, and the Australian Football League is no exception. With the advent of online casinos that make gambling easy and fast, it’s no surprise that more people are joining the bandwagon every day. 

Besides the extra cash that players and fans earn from casinos, visiting these places also serves as a source of fun. We would like to show gratitude to the team, who provided immense support in writing this article and sharing information. Keep reading as John Gold uncovers some Australian Football League (AFL) stars that have been seen in casinos. 

AFL Players and Sports Betting

The Australian Football League code clearly states that players must not be found betting on the league’s games. They must also not be found in issues relating to match-fixing and other related offenses. The league regulators also attached huge fines and penalties to anyone that engages in these activities. 

However, players and stars are not prohibited from engaging in other gambling, casino, or betting games outside the league’s matches. It is on this premise that some AFL stars have been spotted gambling or visiting casinos all over Australia. 

How AFL Players Choose Casino Games

Gamblers and fans often face a headache when choosing an online or offline gambling site, especially when it comes to new brands. Even veterans of the games do not just settle for any casino but look at a number of factors before putting any money in. Some of the factors include: 

  • the license status of the casino,
  • available payment options,
  • number of available games,
  • the casino’s reputation.

Apart from the public perception that comes with seeing stars at casinos, the presence of these stars also sends a message about the casino to fans and other players. 

Other factors that Australian Football League stars take into consideration when choosing casino games are the odds of winning and customer reviews. Besides, the casino’s policy concerning wagering requirements also counts. If the casino earns good comments from other stars, this also puts them in an advantageous position. 

In no particular order, these are some AFL stars that have been seen gambling or particularly spotted in casinos. 

Wayne Carey

The controversial former Australian Football League player is one of the stars that have been spotted in casinos at one time or another. The 51-year-old former AFL star had an enviable and successful career on and off the pitch. In his active days, he was once named the greatest Australian football league player ever and lifted several trophies with the teams he played with. 

Off the pitch, he visits casinos once in a while, and a popular occasion was when he was booted out of the Crown Casino after a controversial incident happened. He was thereafter ejected from the casino and banned from the property for two years. 

David Schwarz

Another former Australian Football League star, though retired, who is a well-known fan of gambling joints is David Schwarz, or “the ox,” as he was fondly called. He had an eventful career on the pitch across twelve seasons and earned several accolades. However, the highlight of his career was the series of knee reconstruction surgeries he had, as well as his gambling addiction. 

In a report, it was noted that he had said that gambling is the greatest threat to the Australian Football League code. He also noted that he lost almost five million dollars to his gambling addiction. Thankfully, he summoned the courage he used on the pitch to turn his life around. Today, the former AFL star is now an MC and a corporate speaker. 

Jaidyn Stephenson

Though not publicly seen at a casino, the North Melbourne Football Club midfielder is a well-known figure when it comes to gambling and betting. He was the subject of controversy in 2019 when he was suspended for ten games after betting on one of the league games. Also, he was also fined twenty thousand dollars as an additional penalty for going against the Australian Football League rules. 

Many of his teammates were surprised at his actions since it’s well-known that gambling on AFL games as a professional player is completely off the table. 

The Bottom Line

Studies have shown that almost eighty percent of Australians engage in one form of gambling or another. This claim makes the gambling and casino industries a significant contributor to the nation’s economy. 

Besides, you can hardly find an Aussie that doesn’t like football. Hence, casino operators and owners try to lure stars and fans by advertising their brands through different strategies. 

And remember! Gambling can be a destructive habit. If you or your loved one is suffering from gambling addiction, you can call the Gambling Helpline at 1800 858 858.

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