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Arizona Cardinals Make 12 Picks, Most Since 1992

The Arizona Cardinals made a big splash in the 2024 NFL Draft, selecting a whopping 12 players, the highest number any team has picked since 1992.

With so many chances to pick young talent, the Cardinals have hit what looks like more than just base hits. Almost every player they chose has the potential to be a game-changer, and a lot of them are expected to either start games right away or be in strong competition for starting positions.

This aggressive approach in the draft could mean big things for the team’s future, showing that they’re not just looking to play; they’re aiming to dominate. Here are the best four picks the Cardinals made in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State

Grade: A+

Marvin Harrison Jr.’s selection by the Arizona Cardinals is akin to scoring a perfect 5 on an AP exam; it’s an exemplar of excellence and potential. The decision to draft him was as calculated and precise as earning extra credit on an already perfect test score—a testament to his unparalleled talent and the foresight of the Cardinals.

While trading back might have padded the team’s long-term strategy, Harrison Jr.’s immediate impact and his innate ability to dominate on the field cannot be understated. His introduction is not just about filling a position but heralding the dawn of a new era for the franchise.

Blessed with a legacy of excellence from his father and equipped with a blend of speed, agility, and a remarkable knack for securing contested catches, Harrison Jr. is set to redefine the wide receiver role. The Cardinals didn’t just make a pick; they invested in the future face of the franchise, signaling a bright and promising horizon for the team and its fans.

Darius Robinson, EDGE, Missouri

Grade: A-

In a draft where the Arizona Cardinals’ defensive line was as thin as the edge of a razor, selecting Darius Robinson from Missouri felt like drawing a winning card. Robinson may not boast the top-tier athleticism of some of his peers. Still, what he lacks in raw physicality, he more than makes up for with sheer intensity and an arsenal of tools that promise to be a nightmare for opposing offenses.

His energy on the field is infectious, driving him to become an exceptionally disruptive force along the D-line. Robinson’s versatility is a key asset; he’s adept at playing both DT and EDGE, making him a perfect fit for the schemes Gannon and Rallis are known to favor.

He embodies the physicality, mentality, and skill set the Cardinals have been seeking, poised to become the team’s premier pass rusher ahead of Dennis Gardeck and Zaven Collins. With this pick, the Cardinals have not only filled a critical gap but also boosted their defense in a way that could significantly tilt Cardinals NFL Odds in their favor for the coming seasons.

Trey Benson, RB, Florida State

Grade: A

The Arizona Cardinals’ selection of Trey Benson can almost be viewed as a sure thing. With James Conner showing signs of aging and battling injuries, Arizona desperately needed fresh legs in their backfield. Enter Trey Benson—standing tall at 6 feet and 216 pounds, his blend of speed and agility, coupled with his size, makes him an ideal successor to Conner’s throne.

Though primarily known for his quickness, Benson’s ability to transition into a between-the-tackles runner shows his versatility and potential to be an every-down back. Accumulating over 1,000 total yards and 23 touchdowns in consecutive seasons at FSU highlights his remarkable productivity and resilience.

While there’s a slight concern about his adaptation to the NFL’s faster pace, Benson’s athleticism and agility are primed to lighten Conner’s load, ensuring the Cardinals’ running game remains a potent threat.

Cristian Jones, OL, Texas

Grade: A

Cristian Jones snagged in the fifth round and might just be the draft’s hidden gem for the Cardinals. With Paris Johnson Jr. and Jonah Williams holding the line, depth was crucial, especially before Williams’ contract ended. Jones, a massive 6-foot-5, 305-pound tackle from Texas, can handle both sides of the line. His potential is huge, and while there are some small technical issues, coaching should fix them. Picking Jones at 162nd overall? A very smart move by the Cardinals.

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