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American football and the meta-universe

Actually, American football is a combination of games: soccer and rugby. Both of them were popular for quite a long time in other parts of the world. The game was first mentioned on November 6, 1869, when the teams from two New Jersey universities, Princeton and Rutgers, competed in it. That game was rather closer to a rugby match than to a football game.

Pro American football emerged after its games started being broadcast nationally in the 1960s. But the NFL still hasn’t surpassed college football. To this day, many colleges have no less fan support than some NFL teams. Want to find out how it’s related to online gambling in Philippines? Then keep reading!

Why is American football and not rugby so popular?

American football and rugby are pretty similar. Both American football and rugby are physically demanding to play at. But unlike rugby players, American football players wear much more protective gear because the impact in this game can often be heavier. What makes this brutal game so popular?

First off, unlike most professional sports, all teams have equal chances of winning the Super Bowl. This has caused the game to grow in popularity in leaps and bounds throughout the country, not just in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles.

This rising popularity has led to wealth unheard in the sporting world before. According to, the richest teams in the NFL are currently:

·         Dallas Cowboys. Current Value: $4.0 billion

·         New England Patriots. Current Value: $3.2 billion

·         Washington Redskins. Current Value: $2.8 billion

·         New York Giants. Current Value: $2.8 billion

·         San Francisco 49ers. Current Value: $2.7 billion

Truth be told, American football is not that popular around the globe. But it is undoubtedly more popular than rugby in the USA.

The NFT and the meta universe. How did American football get into the meta universe?

The term ‘meta universe’ was first mentioned in 1992 in a sci-fi novel by Neal Stephenson. Meta means beyond the known universe. Actually, it’s an idea of a virtual reality where users can possess property, create avatars and build their own virtual universe. Within the meta universe, people can meet friends, visit museums, watch football games and even buy everything using NFT. People within the meta universe are connected all the time without worrying about the borders or distances.

Metaverse avatars will also have the option of watching an NFL game at a metaverse stadium or remotely at another meta-viewing venue, including their meta-home. Fans at a virtual stadium will likely focus their attention on just a few game views to get a more realistic and manageable experience.

Gambling and the future. Why is it important not to miss out on the trend now?

The internet has changed the way we gamble dramatically. It has created online opportunities for gamblers to enjoy games and win prizes. This is why gambling companies must keep up with emerging trends to capitalize on the growth of this market.

Here are some of the basic trends that come from the observation of the world’s largest gambling companies:

·         Cryptocurrency

·         Virtual and Augmented Reality

·         Esports Betting

·         Social Betting

·         Micro Betting

·         Better online gambling apps

When a new online gambling trend pops up, it’s of the essence to not miss the opportunity. It all comes down to determining how it could be converted into features in a user-friendly manner. It would be better to rest assured that the new features are not only functional but also useful.


2022 is now half-over. We can only watch the new trends that are awaiting gamblers all over the world. We have already seen quite a few fresh ideas being implemented. If this trend continues, then 2022 will become the year when a lot of significant changes are expected to happen in this lucrative industry.

Do you like to play casino games online? The best casino sites continuously upgrade their software and game selection in order to remain relevant. They do all it takes to provide gamers with a better gaming experience. The best way to keep up with the newest offers and bonuses is to choose the right websites that put all of these things together and make your experience really fantastic!

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