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A Short History of American Football in Poland

There is no doubt that football is the most popular sport in Poland. There are over 400,000 Poles who take part in regular matches, as well as millions who participate from time to time. During the 1972 Olympic Football Tournament, the Polish national team won and they finished as runner-ups in 1976 and 1992.

Aside from football, people enjoy watching and betting on volleyball, basketball, tennis, handball, combat sports, ski jumping, motorcycle speedway, and finally – American football.

Upon reading the article, you will have a clear idea of American football’s evolution in Poland over the years. So, let’s dig in!

The Beginnings: When and How Was the American Football Born in Poland?

The PZFA, or the Polish American Football Association, was founded in November 2004. Two years later, it started PLFA, short for the Polish American Football League. American football tournaments suddenly had an organized system.

In March of 2006, the first official game took place: the Eagles on one side of the field, the Pardubice Stallions on the other. The home club played against a Czech team and came out the victor. Their success in the match marked the beginning of an international tournament held in Warsaw. The tournament itself was a big success. It inspired many other teams to form.

In November of that same year, the first season was held in Poland.

The Opening Season of 2007

The opening season, though very short, was an immediate advertising success and organizational as well. More than 3000 fans came to support the teams in Wroclaw. Four teams, a surprisingly small number, participated in the first season: Warsaw, Wroclaw Crue, KFA, and the Pomorze Seahawks. The Warsaw Eagles took the win.

The Growth of the American Football in Poland

The American football teams in Poland have been emerging ever since. In 2007, the number of teams doubled to nine, and the year after, the same thing happened, growing to 17. Moreover, the league also split into PLFA I and PLFA II – a lower division and upper division – in 2008.

As the number of teams grew, so did the fanbase. Not only did people enjoy watching games on TV or going to matches but also betting on their favorite teams. Therefore, finding a casino online to wager on football clubs has become a big part of the American football experience in the country.

The Most Exciting Season by Far: The Miners Earning the Title

It is generally agreed upon that the 2009 season had no ‘match’. The Crew, which had five successive victories up to that point, was defeated by another team, AZS Silesia Miners. So powerful was the second half that, in the end, it left both fans and players utterly dumbfounded.

Polish punters must have felt confident about wagering and betting, given its incredible performance up until then. Little did they know the Miners were such excellent players of American football.

The Growing Interest in American Football

Over years, football has become quite popular in this area. Going to the match with professional commentary, concessions stands, cheerleaders, and increasing crowds makes for an unforgettable experience that the whole family can enjoy together, even more so if their favourite team emerges as a champion.

Similarly, the number of Polish players who gamble on American football is growing. In fact, betting on football has almost become a way to support favorite teams, or at the very least to confirm faith in their mastery. 22Bet casino is one of the most popular online wagering platforms among polish bettors.


The PLFA is a very seriously organized league. As a matter of fact – and not many people know this, not even newcomers to the league – it utilizes the NCAA rulebook.

Although having a huge number of players (as well as ecstatic fans), the PLFA still had troubles with a shortage of both officials and support staff. Given that the league was moving forward by leaps and bounds, those problems didn’t take much longer, and in turn, the excitement in the game grew.

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