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4 NFL Rivalries That Have Only Grown with Time

The National Football League or NFL is one biggest American sporting brands. With teams participating from all over the country, it’s a treat to watch for the fans.

For an NFL follower, seeing their team lifting the Super Bowl trophy is a dream come true. However, with competition rising every year, chances are, they may not win it every year. Still, hardcore fans don’t bulge when it comes to supporting their team.

So, what keeps them going? Even if they’re bottom of the table, what mysterious force drives them to stick behind their team through thick and thin?

It’s the unmatched rivalry they get to see every year. For most fans, it doesn’t matter if they lift the trophy or not. However, when it comes to beating their arch-rivals, there’s no space for a compromise.

In this article, we’re going to list down some famous rivalries that every NFL fan craves. Before that, we know you may be wondering where to witness these rivalries, right? Finding an online stream isn’t a hurdle. However, compromised quality and constant buffers take out all the fun.

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Without further ado, let’s get started:

  1. Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots
  2. Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals
  3. New York Giants vs. New England Patriots
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens
  5. Bottom Line

Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots:

Whenever two of the greatest footballers face each other, a rivalry is born, denying any bond they may share off the pitch. The same is the case with Patriot’s Tom Brady and Colts’ Peyton Manning.

Arguably, both are undisputed GOATS passers of our generation. Doing wonders for their teams, they’ve played a major role in fueling the rivalry between Colts and Patriots.

Undoubtedly, the rivalry peaked when Manning won the Super Bowl in 2006. It would’ve hurt Patriots fans a little less if they hadn’t been on the receiving end. Thrashing the Patriots 38-34 in a win that would prove to be the ultimate win for the Colts, it was a season to forget for the Patriots fans.

Chicago Bears vs. Arizona Cardinals:

Nothing propels a rivalry like history. Also, such a history that’s been going on for more than 100 years now.

Back in 1920, when the NFL was inaugurated, the Bears and Cardinals were a part of the founding season. Half a century later, with the AFL merger with the NFL, the Bears and Cardinals survived, while every other team perished.

At a point in history, both the teams used to play in Chicago. However, with rivalry fueling up, the Cardinals moved to St. Louis and then finally settled down in Arizona in 1980.

However, that didn’t make a dent in lowering their rivalry. Instead, it kept getting higher and higher with each passing season. Be it for staff, coaches, players, or fans, whenever the two teams meet, it becomes more than just a football game.

New York Giants vs. New England Patriots:

Giants fans may see the Patriots as any other NFL team. But for the Patriots, New York is the team to beat at any expense.


Because for the Patriots, they could’ve won two more Super Bowls in this century if it’s not for the Giants. Both in 2007 and 2011, it was the New York Giants who thrashed Brady’s Patriots. Now, both teams don’t face each other often, still for Patriots fans, the scars haven’t healed yet.

In the 2007 regular season, the Patriots wrapped up their unbeaten season by defeating the New York Giants. However, a month later, the Giants had the last laugh when they convincingly outclassed the New England Patriots in a Super Bowl meeting.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Baltimore Ravens:

Most times, it’s the offense that lets you score. However, you may rarely find one when the Steelers and Ravens are tied to face each other.

Every time both teams come on the pitch; it seems more like a boxing match instead of a football game. Both teams make exceptional, yet fierce tackles. It may seem that the motive is not to win but to injure as many opponent players as possible.

What’s more, in most seasons, the Steelers and Ravens face each other on their way to the Super Bowl. And for NFL fans, even if they’re not supporting any of the teams, they’re still glued to the screens for this epic clash.

Bottom Line:

Apart from the legends, the heated rivalries have kept the NFL alive. Also, these rivalries have become a source to attract a lot of eyes to the NFL. As NFL fans, we’re hopeful that the young lot of players will keep these rivalries alive.

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