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How To Watch Live NFL Games Online Without Cable, Get Around The Restrictions In The US

Sometimes my local market blacks out an NFL game, my wife wants to watch her Pittsburgh Steelers, who are not in our market, or I want to watch an NFL game online. 

Whatever the reason is, I want to watch the NFL game I want. Not the one available to me in my home market. I could purchase an NFL Sunday ticket, but that seems to be going away, and I don’t want Direct TV. How to watch out of market NFL games. We have a way to do it. We show you how to watch out-of-market NFL games without DirecTV.

With some research, I found a way to get my live NFL games on the internet. You only need a VPN, Chromecast, and a little world wide web know-how.


A VPN service is going to be needed. I like Express VPN. Need to know what a VPN is? Ask your kids. They probably have it on their phones to get around their school’s wifi policy. You will use it to connect to another country, getting around the NFL’s rules in the US.

What Is VPN?

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” VPN is a service that helps you stay private online. A VPN connection is a secure, encrypted connection between your computer and the internet, providing a secret tunnel for your data.

The NFL has an exclusive deal with DirectTV. The NFL has its website called NFL Gamepass. Fans can sign up in the United States but only see replays, not live games. But if you live outside the United States, you can watch any game you want live.

Using a VPN will trick the NFL service into thinking that you live in a different country. VPN allows you to bypass the restrictions and see all the games. 

You can access the NFL games without worrying about being blocked and get access to almost any game you want. This process is excellent for people who may not get their favorite team’s games locally. Now you can watch the games you want, not just the games the broadcast network shows in your area.

There are two services the NFL offers, NFL + and NFL Gamepass International. We want NFL Gamepass International

To get started, connect to your VPN in a country like the United Kingdom, go to, sign up, and pay the monthly or yearly fee. THATS IT.


There is another option that will let you watch the NFL games on your TV set. Some people want to see the game on a bigger screen, so they do not miss anything. They want to see live action on a big tv, and the computer screen may not do it for them. 

Steps to access the games on your TV screen.

*Buy a Google Chromecast for your TV.

*Install a VPN on your Laptop or PC

*Configure the Chromecast to work in the Google Chrome browser.

*Connect to VPN – A country Outside the United States

*Go to while using Google Chrome.

* Access will be granted to stream NFL games through Chromecast and right to your TV


There are ways to watch NFL games for free. A site such as have forums that will show you how to access these games. There are websites that members post that air the NFL games for free. 

Now NFL fans can cut out their cable service. Many people hold onto their cable subscription to get the NFL games during football season. 

With these other methods to watch the games, you no longer have to pay for cable to watch football. Using these services, you can also get any game that you want. If your team is not broadcasting in your area, you can now watch the game thanks to this internet streaming technique.

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