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CFL Asks Players To Take 20% Pay Cut To Start Season On Time

The CFL, its players, and even the XFL fans want to see the Canadian Football League play in 2021. The potential cancellation of the season had all parties concerned, now it looks like there will be a season in 2021, but there is a catch.

TSN reporter Dave Naylor tweeted out the following last night.

“The CFL has delivered a proposal to the CFLPA targeting an on-time start to the 2021 season by asking players for a 20 per cent pay cut that would apply if no fans in stands. Salaries would then be topped-up over the course of the season as fans return to stands,”

“Even though CFL teams know stadiums will not be fully open at any point for the 2021 season, players could earn full wages for periods of the season. All this subject to CFL’s return-to-play protocol being approved”

“For months we have speculated the CFL season unlikely to start on time based on the presumption that teams would not begin a season without fans in stands. The CFL proposal Tuesday would be a way around that. Regular season due to start June 10th”

The proposal puts the CFL players in a tough spot. Say no, and they might not play in 2021. Say yes and take a pay cut, but only temporarily. However, players and the league office all know the CFL will have a tough time making any money without fans in the stands, so the deal makes sense.

However some players have an issue with the proposal.

“Are the coaches and execs all going to take 20 percent pay cuts too or is it just the players? I’m cool with doing whatever for the survival of the league if EVERYONE does it, but it feels like [the players] are being asked to make all the sacrifices.”

Credit: 3DownNation

Pre-season games are set to begin on Sunday, May 23rd. The CFLPA proposal would be one of two major hurdles the CFL needs to begin to play in 2021. The other is the CFL’s return-to-play protocol being approved by the different levels of the Canadian government.

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