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USFL QB Candidate Highlight: Danny Etling

Spring football for quarterbacks is a huge opportunity for players to gather game film in an effort to extend their careers in a professional football setting. Too often quarterbacks will bounce from practice squad to practice squad and not get a true opportunity to show they deserve a spot on a professional football team. One such quarterback is Danny Etling.

Danny Etling was a 7th round pick out of LSU after he transferred from Purdue in 2018 by the Patriots. Etling put up respectable college numbers but was never considered a star by any means. His pre-draft profiles often praise his intelligence; however, critic his inconsistencies with his mechanics. Regardless, Etling was able to stick around with the Patriots on their practice squad and even won a super bowl ring with the team as the 3rd QB.

Etling’s time on the practice squad with the Patriots may have been the high point in his career. After a failed transition to wide receiver Etling was waived and has since had stints with the Falcons, Seahawks(x2), Vikings, BC Lions, Broncos, Packers and now is on the Jaguars practice squad. Per Spotrac he’s earned $655,779 over the past four seasons (doesn’t include his CFL salary), which is by no means considered chump change for most people and should be viewed with great esteem. 

However, despite the financial success of Etling’s career I’m sure he’d trade some of the income he’s earned to garner an opportunity to showcase his skills in a regular season game. Which at this point doesn’t seem viable at the NFL level in the near future. So, at this point doesn’t it make sense Etling would be a prime candidate for a USFL team. 

Etling is obviously on NFL teams radars. The fact that he continues to garner interest whether it be signings or workouts bodes well for his future in a professional football league. However, it may be clear that Etling is on the outside looking in regarding being viewed as a true viable backup quarterback in the NFL. Which to me makes him an extremely viable candidate for the USFL or XFL.

Etling needs a shot, as he obviously has shown enough resiliency to maintain a positive reputation in the NFL. A couple games in front of talented players at professional level would be extremely advantageous for himself and the USFL in general. More importantly it allows a man to utilize an opportunity and either rise to the challenge or continue to meander in practice squad anonymity.

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Pat Rifino is a former Security Contractor turned writer. He began his writing career talking about geo-politics, and the defense industry. Now Pat writes about alt-league football, while hanging with his dogs in his off time.

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