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USFL Uniforms: Ranking The Worst and The Best

We are under 60 days till the beginning of The USFL season, another piece of the USFL puzzle has been revealed to the fans and prospective player: Uniforms! The USFL announced via their Twitter that they will be announcing the uniforms of their eight teams over several hours on Thursday Feb 17. With the draft being so close, and people constantly looking forward to USFL news I thought it would be awesome to rank the uniforms as we did with the logos.

8. Philadelphia Stars

This one is terrible and hurts my eyes. If the goal was to let McDonald’s know that the USFL is looking for a partnership, then yes, they accomplished their goal. Outside of that I’m not impressed whatsoever, the ketchup mustard color pattern has never been a personal favorite of mine and the bright colors make me semi nauseous. Overall, it’s a uniform much needed for a McDonalds Superbowl Commercial rather than a professional sports team.

7. Birmingham Stallions

I don’t hate it, but the next several jerseys to me are extremely bland starting with the Stallions. The city of Birmingham will be the fore-front and the face of the league. With that being said wouldn’t it be better to design something a little more brazen and incorporate the Stallions logo into the actual jersey? With that being said the uniform isn’t terrible however, it doesn’t look like anything more than a 49ers rip off.

6. Michigan Panthers

This might be favorite team, because I’m extremely excited to see them go 4-4 or 3-5. The Panthers uniform sports a unique color sequence to the USFL. The Maroon, Gold and Light Blue bring out a Seattle Seahawks vibe, in the way they used the teal over the years. With the number one pick in the draft the Panthers will be the first team to have a player hold a USFL jersey.

5. Tampa Bay Bandits

A complete opposite of the Tampa Bay Vipers, Todd Haley’s Bandits take a more conservative approach with their uniform. The Sliver, Black and Red take me back to the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives and the addition of Bandits logo of the sleeves is what breaks it into the top 5 for me.

4. Houston Gamblers

I love these uniforms for one reason and one reason only. The USFL clearly ripped over the Miami Sharks and the Mean Machine from Hollywood. Regardless, smooth Black uniforms never go wrong, and the helmet design adds a clever twist with the G morphing into the state of Texas. Outside of that sometimes less flair and more of a tradition look go a long way with fans and for this fan his love of fictional football teams is why they are ahead of four other teams.

3. Pittsburgh Maulers

The color of the Maulers is something that has grown me. To me it boasts the right amount of brightness but not too much in your face. The Orange and Purple of the Jerseys is evened out by the white the pants. Also, bonus points for the team adding logos to the sleeves. With many of the jerseys looking erringly similar, the Maulers made a solid jersey with a unique color scheme and seemed to do a good job with it.

2. New Orleans Breakers

The Breakers have an extremely smooth look which brings a calming effect to the eye. The Wave on the shoulders flows extremely well and contrasts really nice with the away jersey. I’m a huge fan of the light blue/sliver pants as it brings a solid transition from the darker color to lighter color with the home jersey. Overall, this is an extremely simple yet effective uniform that doesn’t go over the top like some of the others the list. Let’s see the Breakers new uniform lives up the mantra the calm before the storm.

1. New Jersey Generals

Ok, extreme biased with this one. The Generals have a soft spot in my heart due to their east coast roots, but they are my favorite overall logo. The white on white goes a long way with me due to the similarities with KC Chiefs. The strong solid red in both in the helmet and the home jersey also stand out and will help Generals QBs find their receivers down the find. The stars on the shoulders also add a militaristic feel for the jersey as well. Finally, double points for staying similar to the Generals of old and even similar to The Spring League’s Generals as well.

At this point any news is good news and with the league slowly, creeping in it’s going to be an extremely exciting time to see many of our new favorite coaches’ players holding up these new USFL jerseys in less than one week.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dude

    February 18, 2022 at 1:24 am

    1. New Orleans. Wow what’s going with that helmet.
    2. Michigan. Great except for the terrible washed out helmet logo, bring back the original logo.
    3. New Jersey. Originals were boring, these are sharp.
    4. Philly. Risky with yellow but I don’t see Mcdonalds. I shouldn’t like it, but I do.
    5. Houston. Not a fan of the grey, but everything else is original and classy.
    6. Tampa Bay. Not bad but again a washed out helmet logo with no contrast.
    7. Frankfurt Galaxy Maulers. Seen it before, and done better.
    8. Birmingham. No original gold helmets? Logo is boring. I’d rather see the Stallions font on the helmet instead of bored Mr. Ed. Color scheme and unis too much like the Generals

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