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USFL President Of Football Operations Talks USFL Drafting College Players, NFL & More

PhillyVoice Contributor Joseph Santoliquito recently spoke with USFL President of Football Operations Brian Woods. They talk about the USFL getting players a year away from their NFL draft eligibility, their relationship with the NFL, Sam Mills, and how they want to create a “dominant, stand-alone professional football league.”

Woods talks about some players in the draft will forego their junior year in college to play in the USFL.

“We’ll have in the ballpark of 16 to 20 players that are still a year away from their draft eligibility. There will be some rising juniors, some current college players who will be playing in the USFL this year that will forego their junior year in college to play in the USFL. There will be a handful of those players. They will be talented players. There will also be NFL players off practice squads and guys that are coming off active rosters that were not re-signed this spring that will be participating. We’ll also have players who were in NFL training camps the last two or three years that will make up a good number of players in this league. I would say it’s good talent, which will produce a very, very good product that fans can expect from the USFL.”

They also talked about how the younger players, who left school early, would be allocated extra money as part of their contract.

He talks about the leagues’ relationship with the NFL and how the USFL is not a developmental league.

“I will tell you we have a very good relationship with the NFL and with FOX being involved, operating all of the teams, and FOX has a good relationship with the NFL,” Woods stressed. “We have a very strong relationship in that respect. I think the NFL can absolutely benefit from an alternative football league in a lot of ways. Our plan in the USFL is not to be a developmental league. Our plan is to be a dominant stand-alone spring professional football property.

They go on to talk about how the level of play would be equal to major Division I college football, the importance of getting through this first season as other spring leagues have failed, and much more. It is worth a full read.

The USFL Draft is set for February 22nd at 7pm ET. XFL News Hub will have full coverage of the event. The season kicks-off on April 16th on Fox and NBC.

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