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USFL Philadelphia Stars HC Bart Andrus Talks Coaching Staff

The new head coach of the USFL’s Philadelphia Stars, Bart Andrus was a guest on the The National Football Show with Dan Sileo. They talk about the new USFL, his coaching staff and more.

Sileo asks Andrus how difficult it has been putting his staff together. Andrus knows a thing or two about Spring football leagues coaching in NFL Europe, CFL, XFL, and The Spring League. He goes on to mention who is part of his Philadelphia Stars staff.

“My staff is pretty much… I’ve got them all ready to go. They’re going through the HR process right now as we speak, and good people, some guys are recognizable names to the football world, like Jeff Jacobinsky, he’ll be our offensive line coach. Marcel Balfay, who was a head coach in Canada when I was the head coach at Toronto… he was head coach at Hamilton. So really quality people. Martin Bayless is going to be coaching our Dbs and coordinating the special teams. And Brad Miller, who was with the Packers for several years, is going to be the defensive coordinator.”

Philadelphia Stars Staff

  • Jeff Jagodzinski – Offensive Line Coach
  • Marcel Bellefeuille – ?
  • Martin Bayless – DB and Special Teams Coach
  • Brad Miller – Defensive Coordinator

He also talks about the type of player he and the league will be looking for, continuing what we have heard, younger football players.

“So there’s going to be a lot of players available for our draft as a League. We’re thinking we want to stay on the younger side.”

Andrus talks about the USFL draft taking place on February 22 and 23rd and how each team will have its own personnel director.

Sileo asked about the league playing all its games in Birmingham. Andrus talks about how the teams will practice in the Hub City.

“We’re even going to have two teams sharing one practice site. So there will be four practice sites, two teams at each one. The two head coaches will work out the schedule between the two of them so that alternating days or alternating weeks, they change the time, which to me is good… as a player, any kind of a change is good for it goes back to what I learned in College, which it wasn’t a lot, but they called it the Hawthorne Effect.”

Andrus was asked about the purpose of the USFL, which he says.

“We consider ourselves a standalone professional football League. Our thing is to give players an opportunity to play professionally.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

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