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Player Spotlight: Zimbalist Williams, From International Play To The USFL

When most people think of professional football, their mind jumps straight to the NFL. However, not everyone has the opportunity to take that path, nor do they get much credit for looking at other options. Enter defensive back Zimbalist Williams. Williams may not have all the accolades or recognition that some prospects have, but his experience in multiple aspects of the game makes him an intriguing individual.

Williams played football for the Texas College Steers – not the University of Texas Longhorns (the two are quite different). Even at such a small program, Williams did enough at his pro day in 2015 to earn an arena contract. Two years later, he worked out with both the Cleveland Browns and the Green Bay Packers.

Unfortunately, Williams was not offered a contract by either team, but that didn’t discourage him in the slightest. The next stop of his journey was South of the border, where he suited up for the Caudillos de Chihuahua of Fútbol Americano de México (FAM). The league competes with Liga de Fútbol Americano Profesional (LFA), and got some attention in the alt. football community when they signed former Alabama running back Trent Richardson. Interestingly, Richardson also played in Chihuahua. 

Williams (19) and two of his Caudillos teammates pictured in a Spanish newspaper

Williams is still a part of FAM, but has moved on to a team in Querétaro (the Pioneros). Additionally, he also has a contract with the West Texas Warbirds of the Arena Football Association, a throwback to where it all began. It’s not very often you find a player splitting time between two different countries, but it only further demonstrates Williams’ commitment to the sport.

From a more analytical perspective, Williams is often seen at both the outside corner and inside nickel spots. However, his ability to return kicks may be a difference-maker for scouts. Williams has his sights set on the USFL, but is willing to take his talents anywhere. He would like to thank his best friends (notably Cameron Davis), the Arlington Blue Devils, and the Mansfield Legacy Broncos. 

Williams’ high school team pictured at the MISD (Mansfield Independent School District) Fan Fest, circa 2009-2010

All in all, Williams’ story is one of motivation and perseverance. Hopefully, he will soon be able to demonstrate his talents in front of a larger audience.

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17 y/o writer for CFL/XFL News Hub, SB Nation (Battle Red Blog), and Bucs Report. Fan of all things football.

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