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Could USFL’s Pittsburgh Maulers Be One Of The First Teams To Move Home In 2023

USFL President of Football Operation Brian Woods recently talked with KDKA in Pittsburgh about the USFL and the Pittsburgh Maulers. They talk about the league’s return and the possibility that the Maulers could move back home in season 2 of the USFL in 2023.

Recently USFL executive vice president of business operations Ed Hartman talked about how the USFL team section process included if betting was legal in the state. There has also been chatter that the selection process included a potential team owner already for each specific USFL city.

“We’re looking for is the to be strategic. We want to make sure that the markets have what they need in terms of resources, maybe potentially local investor operators. If the right elements are there in place after the first season, it’s could be very likely that Pittsburgh can see the Maulers in Pittsburgh,” according to Woods.

For this to happen, Woods says the team needs a home location. Something the league has not started the process yet.

“Making sure that we have the appropriate facilities, especially for gameday purposes, is important. So that is a conversation that has not been started yet but hopefully can be started in the near term so we could eventually find the appropriate location to play home games”

Potential locations in Pittsburgh include;
Highmark Stadium
Heinz Field
Robert Morris

Woods also talks about how Pittsburgh is a great football town and that the USFL might still be around if they stayed a spring football league. They also say at the end of the video that fans of the Maulers could expect two or three familiar names come draft time.

The USFL will hold it’s ‘player selection meeting’ February 22nd-23rd, with training camps set to open March 21st. Stay tuned to XFL News Hub for all the breaking USFL News.

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  1. Mann

    February 11, 2022 at 4:23 pm

    This team will be the best. Pittsburgh has the best Usfl team with bad colors. Easy to see this team winning it all.. not just the Usfl championship but also other sports like kickball and dodgeball. The MAULERS will pulverize and eviscerate all enemy ballers.

    • Byron

      February 13, 2022 at 3:28 pm

      I totally agree. Couldn’t say it better. The Maulers had a ton of roadblocks to being a winning team their only season… none of it was their fault. The team bus was painted black and gold and when the Maulers stepped off the bus in their purple and orange (Renaissance Red) the fans were confused. There was confusion and many people thought this was the team from Memphis and that Reggie White had eaten the Maulers. Then we went on to lose many games and the fans remain confused. This version of the Maulers will not have anything to do with loser trump and will be a success instead. GO MAULERS!!!

  2. Guy Serle

    February 17, 2022 at 11:15 am

    Regardless of what might happen next year, do NOT go into NFL-sized stadiums right off the bat. The original USFL did that and even when decent-sized crowds showed up (even the lowly Washington Federals averaged nearly 14k its first season), the were swallowed by these 55 to 80K seat stadiums. Many colleges have 25 to 40K stadiums that are going to look much better attended and the perception of a full stadium (even if smaller) is going to look better than one with hardly anyone there.

    I went to an Orlando Apollos game at the UCF stadium (capacity around 45K) and the crowd of likely around 30K really filled the place out nicely

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