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“Ka-Kaw Is The Law” Modern Acrylic Wall Art Panels


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Infuse your living or workspace with the dynamic spirit of the XFL community with the “Ka-Kaw Is The Law” Acrylic Wall Art Panels. This vibrant display stands as a symbol of unity and fervent passion that the XFL community embodies.



High-Quality Material: Fashioned from clear acrylic paired with a white vinyl backing, ensuring a vibrant and rich depiction of the spirited “Ka-Kaw Is The Law” motto.

Various Size Options: Available in seven diverse dimensions in horizontal, vertical, and square orientations, making it adaptable to different wall spaces and settings.

Glossy Surface: The clear, glossy surface offers a smooth and sleek appearance, amplifying the color depth and fine details of the artwork.

Easy Mounting: Equipped with four silver stand-offs, the panel ensures a stable and elegant mounting, simplifying the installation process.

For Indoor Use: Specially designed to enhance the ambiance of indoor spaces, adding a modern touch to your home or office environment.


Material: Clear acrylic with white vinyl backing

Surface: Glossy and clear

Size Options: Seven customizable dimensions to choose from

Orientation: Choose from horizontal, vertical, or square orientations to fit your aesthetic needs


Be a herald of the resolute spirit and camaraderie of the XFL community with the “Ka-Kaw Is The Law” Acrylic Wall Art Panels. Each panel reverberates the XFL spirit, bringing in an element of dynamism and vibrant energy to your surroundings.


The phrase “Ka-Kaw Is The Law” is more than a motto; it is a rallying cry, a bond that unites fans and players alike in their passion for the game. With this piece, you don’t just decorate your space; you make a statement, pledging allegiance to a community that thrives on enthusiasm and unity.


Whether adorning the walls of your living room, workspace, or entertainment area, this modern art piece serves as a constant reminder of the spirit of solidarity that defines the XFL community. The glossy surface ensures that the vibrant colors and intricate details stand out, offering a visual treat that adds character and depth to your space.


Order your “Ka-Kaw Is The Law” Acrylic Wall Art Panel today and transform your space into a dynamic hub that resonates with the beating heart of the XFL community.

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